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What A Perfect Relationship Really Means
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers ^.^ How you all been doing today? Well, mine was actually expected to be. BORED. My boyfriend and I were supposed to be going to the convoy made by his friends to Kuala Gula today but because of my hubby need to go to work for the BR1M thing, the plan was cancelled. And that's why I'm so bored. Bored to death! Ugh~ But never mind. I want to share something with you guys and I think it's a very common thing that happened in a real relationships.

Not every relationship is perfect. Not everything's going to work the way you've wanted it to be. Sometimes, it doesn't work very well. Fights and so on is essentials in every relationship. Mine also. We all wish to live our life with a perfect relationship. We love our beloved person a lot and wish to express our real love to them in various ways. Trust and understanding is important in every relationship. Perfect relationship must be an ideal one to all others. If you want to have a perfect relationship, you must be a perfect one and always be open to your partner and never to hide anything from them as well as don't think about cheating and betraying them even in your imagination. 

Quarrels and misunderstanding is common in every relationship, but this kind of silly quarrels never spoil a good relationship as well as don't spoil the perfectness. In fact, this kind of quarrels will make our relationship more stronger with compromising. We must adjust with our beloved persons and forget about their silly mistakes and try to forget for them. It is really hard to live a life without quarrels, so don't think the quarrels will spoil a perfect relationship. It is a part of good relationship. With this kind of quarrels, we come to know about the misunderstandings and remove it from our relationship to make it more stronger.

True love and affection never have any end and this kind of misunderstanding and silly fights never spoil it. Sincere love always win over this kind of barriers and our affection will remain forever without any damages. In a short perfect relationship includes silly fights, quarrels and clashes but however our real love and affection win over all this barriers and remain forever. We will keep our relationship forever with true affection while stays forever in a perfect relationship.

So, don't think your beloved persons are not perfect for you due to this kind of silly quarrels and EGO clashes. The real love and affection remain forever and it may increase with this kind of silly things if you still keep calm and tolerate with your beloved ones activities. There is nothing wrong bearing with our some one specials cute activities. So, be calm and keep patience to keep your relationship for a long time. Adjustment and compromise will help you to lead a perfect relationship forever.

Maybe you guys are wondering why am I talking all this. It's because my relationship is actually building up to be a perfect relationship. We're happy at some moment but at some point, we quarrels. Those things never actually leaves us alone. We kinda quarrels every single day. Fights over something that is so ridiculous. But once we're okay, we're laughing to the reason why we fought. It's actually strengthens my relationship. I called him as a perfect guy for me because I accept his flaws and all. I'm perfect because I'm being thankful for everything that I have and Allah's has given to me. I'm perfect in my imperfections. People would say I'm hypocrite but that's me. Whether you take it or you leave it. The choice is up to you. My hubby accept me for who I really are.

No matter how hard the fights are, we will always end up like this :') That's why I love him so much. He's everything to me. I can live my life without him but it's going to be the most painful life journey and heartbreaking ones. He's the one for me. Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar is for me. He's mine. I will take care of him and will love him with all my heart.

That's all for today~ Hope you guys enjoy ^.^ Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum and Adios :*

P/S: This photo got nothing to do with this entry but I took it earlier. So, ENJOY ^.^

Can't smile actually cause my wounds is not fully recover ~.~

Hey you! I'm the new Angelina Jolie! Look at my thick lips~ :D

Too bored~ AIyak!

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