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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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New Entry! ^.^ A New Chapter Of My Life~
Assalamualaikum and Hi my dear followers and readers ^.^ How are you guys been doing lately? I hope you guys are doing good because I had been away for quite sometime. This might be the first entry after few months being away from you guys. I missed all of you so much and I hope you guys will be excited to what I'm about to share with you in this entry.

For the last few months, I've done lots of things. I said lots means LOTS! There are many happy memories as well as sad memories. I've enrolled in the university now and I'm officially a college student right now. How proud I am to say that :D I'm proud because my haters doesn't want me to be successful at all. They think I'm stupid and I can't achieve good grades in academic. Allah will never listens to the prayers of bad intentions and I admit my life isn't going the way they planned. I do admit also that my life isn't quite thrilling the whole time but that doesn't mean that what they wished for had come true. None were became true.

And my relationship with my dearest hubby-to-be is going really great. I mean great because it had gone a really fantastic moments! Before I departed to Seremban, my hubby wanted to spend more precious moment with me. Every weekend, he took me out to anywhere I want to go. What I wanted, what I needed, what I wished for, he will try his best to fulfill it for me. He wanted to make me happy. I'm so touched with his presence around me. On the night before my departure, he took me out for a very last dinner with him. He took me to McDonald Jalan Kuala Kangsar and he treats me all of my favourite food there. That night, I went out makeupless because I was extremely lazy to put on any makeup on my face and in fact, I know it's going to be ruined due to my cries later. I stand next to him at the counter and he ordered for our dinner. But then, something happened. His facial expressions was very glumly and he looks like he's mad. I was confused and afraid if I made something very wrong

When our food were served, I asked him what's wrong with him and he told me the reasons why he was so glumly standing next to me before that. He was extremely jealous because the cashier was a boy and there were few other boys behind the counter. They were looking at me without blinking. He was actually JEALOUS! ^//^ That explained the long face he did to me. I said to him that he's very cute for being that way. He said, even though I didn't wear any makeup I can still attracts attention from the boys and mens. I didn't even realise it that way because for me, when I didn't wear any makeup my face will look very pale and seems like I'm a cancer patience.

I assured him that there's nothing to be afraid of because I love you so much. No one can take me away from you. He's mine and I'm his. So, you don't have to  worry okay? ^.~ After we finished our dinner, he send me back home. He took the long route to my house which were the highway. He choose the highway because it's going to take more time to reach our destination. On our way, he was very silence. I didn't say anything but I burst into tears when I suddenly remember I'm departing away from him. I cried on the back of his body. I can't hold it anymore. I cried out loud and I could hear he's crying with me. He cried so hard. We cried all the way back home. I'm sorry sayang because I wet your shirt.

Soon we reached my house, he asked me to go and packed anything that I still didn't finished packing. I said everything is ready and he said okay. He waits until my mother getting ready because he wanted to send me to Terminal Aman Jaya. At around 10pm, my aunty send me and my mother to the Terminal. He followed along at the back. When we reached, my bus was already waiting and it's going to depart very soon. I didn't make the time to meet him for the last time. I called him and asked him to go to the pitstop. I already went inside the bus with my friend who enrolled in the same university. I saw him outside the window. Oh my Allah, my heart feel uneasy. I felt really sad. I felt like my heart sank and I really can't be away from him. I sobbed in the bus and few other passengers looked at me. I really don't care what they think because I'm really devastated. I'm very very very sad and I can't stop crying..

Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar, I love you so much.. You meant the world to me.. You're my everything.. You're my one and only one.. No one can replaced your position in my heart.. You have me, my soul and my heart. You're my soulmate. I can't imagine my life when I had to be away from you.. Who's going to be beside me when I'm sad? Who's going to lend me the shoulders that I need to lean on? Who can understand me the way you do? Who? I need you my babyboo.. I really need you..

 Now that I'm here, I'm very surprised when you asked me to tell everyone here that we're engaged. But actually, we've engaged. Our parents had made promise that they're going to hold our wedding soon after I finished my studies. In Islam, we've actually engaged. I am now your fiancee my dear and you're my fiance :) I will take care of our relationship and cherish it every single day. I promise you my sayang.. I really love you..

That's all people. I hope you guys enjoy my entry. I'll update more soon. Take care and toddles~ Assalamualaikum :)

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