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What A Beautiful Way To End Up The Holiday :) - Part 1
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers :) How are you guys been doing lately? I'm doing great and yeah, lots of things happened to me these few weeks. I'm terribly sorry for delaying on my entries cause I really couldn't squeeze in even for a sec in my hectic life. Lots of things happened to me until I'm confuse on where to starts :p 

Since I've told you guys about the couple shoot and individual shoot the other day, so I'll just start with that one first. Okay, the couple shoot doesn't worked very well at all. Seriously it was really a down fall for me. I was really devastated. To begin, my hubby and I got into a fight the night before we were supposed to do the couple shoot but I gave in so that the shoot wouldn't be cancel just like that. I woke up super early in the morning and were about to get ready until I received one text. It was from the photographer. He told me that he needs to cancel the couple shoot because he has some family emergencies. I don't mind at all because he might be in a real trouble at that time. And my hubby also woke up late that day. So, it wasn't really a waste. But something bothers me so much when I found out something. On the same day, I went to the individual photoshoot with Kechik Shutter and he told me something. He asked me about the couple shoot and I told him all what the photographer informed me. I felt cheated when I found out that the photographer weren't having any family issues and instead of it, he's doing a photoshoot with a sexy model at the same place he promised to my hubby and I. I felt cheated. I would never wanted to deal with this kind of person anymore. I didn't hate him but I just don't like how he handle thing. He's not a professional.

Forget about that. My photoshoot during the evening was a big success. Kechik Shutter fetch me at my house that evening and we went straight to Cikgu E's camera's shop. I thought we might be doing the photoshoot over there. But little did I know, Kechik took me there because Cikgu E asked him to bring one talent for his photography class. Soon we reached there, Cikgu E's student were outside and ready to take pictures. There was another talent. She's Anna Syazana and she's a free-hair talent. They were split up into two group. Each group received one talent to shoot. At the very beginning, it was kinda awkward but when the newbies photographers starts to be a little bit friendly, I'm at ease. They asked about my name so that it would be easier for them to call me and asked me to look at their camera. Once they know my name, the way the called my name was really hilarious. It was like calling a baby! XD It was seriously funny! I really enjoyed being the model for the class that day :) 

This is taken by Mat Na-Na. He's not Cikgu E's student but he's working for Cikgu E at his shop :)

This is the result taken by Cikgu E's student. I didn't remember her name but she the one who kept on calling my name like a baby :P HIHI

After the class ended, Cikgu E treated us a drink at a restaurant nearby. They chit chat and suddenly the came up with a last minute outing at Gunung Lang. Nightmarez Ah Chai bought a 'gorgeous' talent for himself and there were me and Anna also. After done talking, we're off to Gunung Lang. Soon as we reached there, they asked me to go to some place where they think it is very scenery and starts to shoot. I thought they're from Ipoh but I was wrong. All the photographers who took my photos were from Kulim, Kedah. And little did I know, Anna Syazana is also from Kulim, Kedah. I feel honoured because there's an outsider photographer who took my photos :) 

Took by Mohammad Akram Hassan :)

Took by Ahmad Shukri :) He's from Sungai Petani.

Took by Affiq Fix :) He's also from Sungai Petani. Btw my hubby love this photo so much! ><

Sorry, I didn't remember who took this but I'll update it soon after I figure who was it. Kechik asked me to pose like this ~.~

I'm not actually ready to pose. I was day dreaming at the moment :p HAHA

I love this photo so much ^.^ The scenery is amazing! :D

Took by Cikgu E :)

Took by Nor Azfarrizal :)

I look really skinny in this photo right? Damn! ~.~

It was really a fun moment for me at that time! ^.^ I was really happy because I got to meet and get to know with new talent and photographers. Thank you Kechik Shutter and Cikgu E. After I got back from the photoshoot, I cleaned up myself and went online. Waiting for the photographers to upload my photos. It wasn't really long when few minutes later I saw Mat Na-Na upload my photo. My photo received more than 100 likes in his facebook wall. He told me that it was his first time receiving a lots of likes. After that, lots of other photographers upload my photos. I thanked them and then download all the photos. Suddenly, I saw my hubby's online. I text him and he said he's using his father's laptop to online. Then I said okay cause it has been a long time since he went online. We text-ed and at the same time IM-ed each other at facebook. All of a sudden, he wants to webcam with me. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I've never webcam with anyone before this. This is my first time and I'm happy because he's the first one I'm going to webcam with :) 

At first, we used the video call on facebook but the video quality isn't really good because the video kept on stucked and we can only hear the voice. Then, we switched to Skype. He forgot his old skype account and he asked me make a new one for him long time before this. I gave him the username and password then we start to webcam. It was a happy moment for me because we finally meeting each other after quite some time. He make a love sign for me and I make one for him to and we make it at the same time. I made lots of aegyo (cute) expressions and he's really 'geram' looking at me doing it :p HIHI After awhile, he asked me to sing for him. I didn't expect him to asked me to do something like that but since he insisted, I said okay. He sang to me first. It was a really romantic song and I really enjoyed hearing his voice ^.^ After he finished, I sang for him and we sang together. It was really romantic for me :) Since it's my first time webcaming, he gave me a very positive reaction about it. I love webcaming but I will only do it with my hubby :3 My principle is very easy. If I don't want my partner to do the things that I don't like, then I myself won't ever do it. The same here. I don't like knowing that he's webcaming with someone else so I won't webcaming with anyone else except him. It's easy. HAHA I secretly took his photos while we're webcaming. This photos might not be suitable for those who're under 18 because he's topless! XD

He didn't know that I snap his picture :p

He acknowledge really fast of what I'm doing so he posed for me :) This one is with his specs on.

This one is without it :) He's handsome right? Yeah~ I know :D My hubby! ^.^

Oppssss~ Sexy! This was before we both end the call. He's singing a lullaby to put me in bed.

Even though we both can't meet but this alternative way makes everything at ease. We both sleep with a smile on our face cause we're really happy. I really love this guy so much. I love him with all my heart. No matter how bad the arguments between us occurred, we always find our way back together. I'm totally taken by this man. Not only the heart but the soul, spiritually and mentally. He's all I got in this world including my family. He's my number one priority. I don't want to make him sad or angry. It's far from what I wanted. I don't want to see him unhappy when he's with me. I would do anything for him to stay with me. I've put lots of effort for this relationship in the past 1 year and 11 months. I believe that I could do more than that for the upcoming years. 

I've met my true love and it's him. I just know that it's him. I can see my bright future by his side. I want to be his wife. An obedient one. I want to be the one who needs his guidance. I want to be the one who's stayed by his side during rough and easy time. Whether in sick or health, I want to be that person. I don't want to be the person he changed because everyone changed. They don't need a person to do that. It takes a lot of effort when some changed and willingly tries to adapt with you. That's what I want. I want him to be the guy who volunteered to fit in my world. I want him to be the reason for my smiles. I want him to be the ONE. Oh Allah, please listen to all of my prayers.. I beg you on my knees. humbly asking for your forgiveness.. If he's the ONE for me, please keep us together and make our hearts connect to each other. But if he isn't the ONE for me, please cast away all of this feelings from me. I couldn't handle the tears anymore. I'm not strong, my dear Almighty. Please grant my wishes oh dear Allah.. Amin..

That's all for now. I'll post another entry on my newest photoshoot done today by tomorrow or the next after that. Till then, do enjoy my entry :) Thanks for reading! ^.^ Assalamualaikum and Adios! :*

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