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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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We're Belong Together
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers and followers ^.^ It's Monday and as we all knows, everyone hates Monday but keep calm cause our Prophet were born on this day. So, keep your mind in a positive way okay ^.^  Looks like these days, people are using 'baby boo' to call their boyfriend. Geez~ I know it's universal but I think I used it first. Gah~ Never mind, I can always share with a 'fans' who adore me so much ~.~

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I got into a fight again and this time I was very serious. I called him and asked him for a clarification. He doesn't say anything at all and that's makes me angrier. I said to him that this is it. It's over between us. I end up the call. Then, he text-ed me to get ready cause he's coming at 9 to pick me up. At that time, I was actually ready to go out to buy a new phone number. I went out first and then, after I get home I changed my clothes and tudung. I wear a very simple clothes. I wear a 3/4 sleeve red shirt, skinny jeans and a dark blue bawal. I'm not wearing any heavy make up at all. I just put some powder on my face, draw a line on my upper eye lid and that's it. I didn't wear any contact lens because I'm not feeling like want to wear it. 

After that, he came and off we go. He said he wants to take me out and slow talk about what's going on. He took me to Gerbang Malam and tries to cool me down. He grab my hands and tries to cheer me up. I was really furious at that time but I don't want to show it to him. I just ignore him and doesn't really react to everything that he tried to do. And then, he said he was hungry and wanted to eat at McDonald. He took me to our favorite spot which is McDonald Jalan Kuala Kangsar. He ordered food for me and we sat there. While we were eating, we talked and yeah tears was shed. I told him everything that really bothers me and he was really sorry. He asked me is it too obvious that he has changed? And I said yes, he is. He really did changed for no reason. 

He plead me not to leave him and he knows that we are meant for each other. Deep inside of me, I don't want to leave him but I need someone who's going to treat me the way I was supposed to. He asked me to guide him back and he really needs me by his side. I paused for a really long time just to think about it. Then he tries to lit up the conversation by saying about his friends. He was very jealous of them Why? Because his friends are all asking about me. When they met, they will asked him where am I. Why didn't he bring me too. I'm not saying I'm popular among of his friends, it's just that I can clique with them very well. In fact, I can be friends with his leader in that LCCPK group. 

After a really long time, I said that I will give him one more chance. I'm the type of girl who forgive people very easily. And I will give him another chance to make it up. He said thank you for giving him another chance. He said I was getting skinnier. Well, it was because of him. I'm the type of girl who lost appetite very easily. When something bothers my mind, I lost my appetite. When I'm in a bad mood, I lost my appetite. When I'm angry, I lost my appetite. That's why I lost my weight from 35kg to 31kg. No kidding and I'm not lying. That's the truth. For his information, that meal that he bought for me at McDonald was my first meal after two days without food. I didn't eat anything for two days because I was really depressed and not feeling like eating.

He was really worried and asked me to eat regularly on time. He'll check on me every single day. He said to me that he really can't imagine of losing me. He knows that I'm the one for him. If I ever let him go, he would rather kill me and then kill himself than to see me happy with some other guy. He joked while we're already at my house said that if we break up, he'll set a fire on my house and get arrested. If he can't have me, no one else can. That's how important I am to him.

Honeyboo, I'm sorry but I want you to change. I don't like the way you're acting right now. You really did changed and I dislike it so much. I always love you and will never leave you but if I have to, I hope you'll understand. I know you're my everything and I can feel that you're my JODOH but if you don't know how to treat me well, I can leave you like it's nothing big for me. I can really do. 

So, here's the photos of us ^.^

Tried not to smile ~.~

Simple me. No heavy make up. No contact lens.

I love you my honeyboo ^.^

Weird faces of us :D

Tried to smile with my condition but guess it was a failure :(

By the way, I've discovered something. There is people out there who always said that I'm using heavy make up at all time. I just come to this conclusion. They said it like that because when they wanted to have a finishing look like I did, they have to use lots of make up and they called it heavy make up. And as for me, the last time I wore heavy make up was on my outing photoshoot with Sintaro. It was from my MUA named Kak Teha. That was the first and the last time. After that, those who sees me wearing make up and said I used lots of make up, they were misunderstood. My make up routine is by applying beauty cream (whether it's a bb cream or just normal cream), powder and eyeliner. Contact lens and false eyelashes is optional. It's up to my mood whether to use it or not. That's all. So, as I said those who thinks I'm using heavy make up is because they need to use heavy make up to achieve the look that I have. That's all. 

Thanks for reading~ Will post more~ Assalamualaikum and Adios :*

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