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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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The Happiest Day In My Life ^.^
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers and followers ^.^ What's up? Hope you all in a pink of health. As you all know, I'm still in my holiday mode but it's approaching the end of it. I only had another 8 days before I start to work back. No worries, nothings going to change at all. Maybe the time consumed to write this entry and another maybe? :/ But I will try my best to spend some time here :)

Today I went out for a photoshoot with Kechik Shutter again. He asked me because I was extremely bored. Maybe with this, it could ease by boredom :/ The theme will always be muslimah. This time I wore the same peplum dress that I bought last time but I match it with a maxi skirt that I already have. Maybe people would think my sense of fashion is a bit weird but that's me. I'm a weirdo! XD Kechik fetch me at my house. There was another photographer inside the car but this time it wasn't Nor Azfarrizal. It's another photographer. If I'm not mistaken, his name was Syam. Maybe :/ I'm not so sure because I never met him before nor befriends with him in facebook. 

Supposedly, we're going to shoot at Taman Meru but since there aren't any desired place, they fetch me first then think about another place later. Kechik wanted to shoot me at a grass field in front of the Sungai Senam police station but the grass has been cut off. What a bummer right? :O So, he asked Syam where to shoot. It's either Padang Polo or Taman DR. After taking few moments to think about it, Kechik decides to shoot at Taman DR. I just went along with them. He took us at a place which is quite deserted but the scenery is awesome. We started to shoot there but it wasn't long when the rain start to pour down. The shoot then cancelled and we're going to do another one this Thursday. 

My hubby texted me and asked me to come to the hospital where his brother was admitted due to accident. I asked Kechik to drop me by at the hospital instead of sending me back home straight away. Since we already near the hospital, why waste time right? I said thank you to the both of them when we reach. I waited for my hubby to come at the ER section. He was on his way back from work. I was quite awkward cause I'm the only one who's fully dressed up. Even though they looked at me with a weird face but they carved a smile at me :) Few moments passed and my hubby's arrived. We went upstairs to his brother ward. I thought he asked me to come because it's the only time that his parent weren't around. But I was wronged. Soon we're at the ward, I saw his mom, dad, granddad and grandma. I was really shocked and embarrassed. I brave myself and shake hands politely with all of them. His mom was very nice to me. She asked me about my well-being and what am I doing right now. And his granddad was more awesome! :D He's very sporting and I can see that they can accept my existence in my hubby's life. Alhamdulillah :) I went back from hospital at around 8pm. My hubby's granddad and grandma sent me back home. We chit-chat inside the car while on the way home. They're really awesome! :D

Soon after I reached home, my hubby texted me and asked me whether I'm home yet or not. After I replied his text, he confessed something to me. The main reason why he brought me to the hospital is to meet his parents and wanted to discuss about our engagement. But he couldn't find the right moment since his parent were very busy handling his brother. Seeing that, I was really touched. We were discussing about the same topic few days ago and he asked me to saves up some money for the engagement. I thought he was kidding but now I can see that he's really serious. And then, he said that he was very jealous when I'm at the hospital. Since I'm fully dressed up, all the guys were looking at me with a very weird look :/ He saw that and he's jealous. 

This is the screen grabbed that I took when he told me that he was jealous and the reason why he asked me to come to the hospital ^_^

And this the one that he praised me saying that I was very beautiful just now ^//^

I never expected that I'll be able to meet his family. I'm thankful and really appreciate for what he's trying to do. Thank you sayang. You meant the world to me. I couldn't live my life without you. You're the star for my universe. You're simply everything to me. I LOVE YOU! ^.^

Without further a due, I'll share with you guys the photos that I took today :D

Shoot by Muhammad Hisyam :) Love the angle! ^.^

Shoot by Kechik Shutter :)

I am STARING at YOU!!!!! XD

Trying to impersonate Puss In Boots pity eyes :p HAHAHA


Aww~ Trying to be cute! XD

Hey you~ I love you~ :*

Hmm~ What's wrong with me? :(

Showing off my pouty lips! ><

A bit blur but I like it so I upload it :D

I think, that's all for now. I'll write more entry for you guys later :D Thanks for reading and I appreciate you all! :D Thanks! Love you all! :*

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