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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Teenage Life
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers ^.^ Today's entry is going to be really random and lousy. Yeah~ It's because I'm so bored. I'll be talking weird and random stuff that happened to me recently.

Yesterday, my hubby came back to Ipoh because he had to. Wanna know why? Because the day before that, he left his wallet inside my bag while we're out and he forgot to take it back. All of his important stuff like atm cards. licence and sort of other things is in that wallet. So, whether he likes it or not he had to come back to Ipoh. I didn't do it on purpose okay. After he's done with his job, he came straight away to my house to take it. I gave it to him and then I asked him a favor. I wanted him to take me to the bank cause I want to check whether I've get my paycheck or not. And he said okay.

Then, I get ready and around 9pm he's already in front of my house. We went to Maybank Silibin to check and sadly, I still haven't got my pay check :( What a bummer huh? He took me to Ipoh Riverfront to have a walk there. We walked and then sat there for awhile. We talked, cracks jokes and yeah we did talked a lot of stuff. Suddenly, someone nudge him. And I know that guy! It was Shahkir Lau (Facebook name) I know him because I was a good friend of his sister back then. Sara Elina. She's the cutest senior I've ever had! ^.^ Shahkir was promoting a topup ticket for maxis since it's almost Chinese New Year. At around 11pm, we went back home. Before he went back to his house, he asked me something. He asked me how long we've both been together. And I replied, it's going to turn 2 years next month. I don't know what's the reason he asked that but I'll just try to ignore it.

I'm actually planning to do something for him. And I want to do this thing as the most special and yet romantic surprise. Since, I've already have enough money to do something so I'll make sure he'll be really happy :) My everyday routine at home is to online all the time. I'll online my facebook when I think I want to say anything and if I don't have anything in mind, I'll just tweet all day long. Last night, I tweeted saying that I feel like doing a photoshoot but no one asked me. Well, not that no one asked cause few photographers has already asked me to go out and have some photoshoot with them but at that time, I'm weak and not really in a good condition to do a photoshoot. Now that I'm already well conditioned, I don't know how to nudge them. I'll just wait until they ask me again. After I tweeted that, someone actually offered herself to shoot with me. It was Aimi Rosdi, my new friend :) She's really nice and kind-hearted. She said that she's willingly can shoot me whenever she has free time. And I said okay cause I can actually meet her and befriends with her :) She'll bbm me if the plan is on.

I feel blessed these days cause I know there is somebody's who still taking bad things about me. I'm not intimidated by anyone. I don't care what people want to say. I have my own life that is actually very interesting. I have the most caring and lovely parents, annoying but sweet siblings and the most superb boyfriend ever. These people cherish my life. I won't ask anything anymore cause I had enough. I have everything that I already need. My life isn't complete but it's nature. No one's perfect in this world but we ought to know that someone else might be have the specialty in something that we actually weak of. So, don't call others perfect or hypocrite cause no one does. It's just people have some advantages on the things we don't. Be thankful and grateful. While we still can. 

That's all. I'll post more. Thanks for reading~ Assalamualaikum and Adios :*

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