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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Our Lovely Date ^.^
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers and followers ^.^ How are you guys been doing lately? I hope you all doing just fine like I did :) Well, I've promised to write an entry about my date last week but I was really tired and doesn't have the mood to write it. I procrastinate it :( Sorry guys for keep you all waiting. So, here we go with my story :D

My hubby and I were planning to go out when I get my paycheck. I promised him a lot of things when I get the money. We were planning to go out on 9 February but days before that, I still didn't get my paycheck. I called my supervisor and asked her when will I get it. She said that I might be getting the money after Chinese New Year ended. It was a bummer. If I get the money after CNY, the plan is cancelled. I really wanted to go out on that day because the both of us really need to spend time together since it has been sometime we didn't spend time together. It was on 8 February when I get the feeling that my paycheck has really in my account. That night, I asked my mother to bring me to the bank and check it. And Alhamdulillah, what I felt was right. So, the plan is ON! :D

Showing off my sides and my pretty cute Arai Pink helmet! :D My hubby bought one year ago :D

So-called-dolly face :p

He picked me up the next day at around 1.30pm after we're both done dressing up. We went to Jaya Jusco and we straightly goes to the movie ticket counter. There wasn't a lot of choices cause they all showing chinese movies. So, we decided to watch Wawa Semput. That's the only movie that they had. The movie starts at 10.15pm so we have a lot of time to spend :D After done doing that, I took him to Seoul Garden to have our lunch. I have been craving to eat there for so long :D Cause for me, if I can't go to Korea it's enough if I can feel the atmosphere even in Malaysia. The restaurant was really like we're in Korea. All the food served were all based on what Korean people eat. The restaurant was in a buffet style. Since I've already told him that I'm going to pay for all the expenses for the entire day, he doesn't have to take his money out. The buffet cost me around RM75.00 for two person. It was worth it. It was really awkward in the very beginning. We sat there like dumb ass ~.~ My hubby and I doesn't know how things work there, I brave myself and asked the waiter. He can't understand Malay so I just asked in English. He showed to us how things works and that ease us. He took a lot and I'm the one who's in-charge to cook them. Feels like home and we're married :p Here, I show you the photos of us inside the restaurant ;)

I took this while he was trying to grill the meat and the squid ^.^ YUMMY! :D

You may seen this as not as much I've said, actually we're done eating at this time. This is all the leftover :D

My weird smile :/

He didn't sat there actually, I asked him to sat there while he refill his drinks. He's so handsome right? :O I know, well my dearest hubby what! ^.^

Moving on, after we're both done eating at Seoul Garden we went to Ipoh Parade to buy something. I lied to him that I want to buy my tops and shoes but actually I was planning to buy something for him. I know my paycheck isn't much like how he earned but I want to give something to him from my first paycheck. I took him to the Siam fest and purposely go through this one stall that selling men's jeans. We used to walked there before this and I saw him caught his eyes on this particular jeans. So, I've set my mind to buy it for him. Before we went over that stall, I act like I'm interested with the jeans. He stopped and just went along with me. I walked inside the stall and acted like I'm interested with the jeans. Suddenly, I asked him to choose the jeans that he liked. He thinks that we're just trying and not going to buy it. He tried almost 5 pairs and the last one really caught his eyes on. I smile and just grab the jeans and pay for it. He was shocked and tried to stopped me. Why? Because the jeans was really expensive. It's going to cost me almost RM100. He doesn't want me to waste my money on him. I ignore him and just paid for it. Then, I gave it to him and said it was a present from me. A present for no purpose. I gave it just to appreciate his presence beside me :) He was really touched and thanked me for about hundredth times ~.~

After that, we move on to survey among the other shops. And yes, I caught my eyes on this one particular dress! :D It was a peplum dress and it's in the season. I really wanted to wear a peplum but afraid that it's not going to fit me well. When I saw this dress, I can immediately imagine myself wearing it so beautifully :D They have lots of colors but I choose to buy the red color. I'm so into red right now :D Here it is.

Red and pretty right? :D I like it very much :D It's not too revealing and still look fashionable :D I'm so excited to wear this during our next date :D ^.^. To match with this outfit, I bought a new shoes. I was aimed to buy a high heels but the heels doesn't suit me and it's not comfortable. So, I just went with flats. I was really in love with this flats that I bought. It fits the dress really well ^.^

It is also red and damn pretty! :D I'm soooooooooo in love with it! So excited to wear and pair it with the dress :D

You guys can already know what am I going to do with the rest of my money :p I hauled a lot of new make up stuff that I really wished to buy before this. I make a list on the things that I really wanted to buy and try. So, I bought a lot. This is my usual and new stuff. I really love make up. Like so much! >< Make up is my passion. I can be anything that I want with it. Not saying that I'm fake. This thing makes me happy and nothing can stop me from using it. So, here's the things that I hauled the other day with my hubby :) Some of it I bought at SaSa and the others I bought at Watsons :)

Rose Moisturising Mask & Mulberry Antioxidant Mask by Combos Skin. This on I bought at SaSa cause they're having super value sale. 5pcs for only RM11 :D

Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit in Natural Beige. This powder has become my favorites since my make up artist during my pre raya photoshoot told me to use this. Since that, I'm a loyal user of this powder :D The finishing looks is really awesome! ^.^

Limited Edition IN2IT BB Brightening Make-up Cream in Sienna with a FREE BB Brightening Loose Powder. This is my forever favorites bb cream cause it gave me a really flawless finish and I really fancy this product! :D Coincidentally, they're doing this and I'm so lucky to have their limited edition loose powder :D

Waterproof Style Eyeliner in 01 Black by Cyber Color. I bought it because the salesgirl at SaSa promote it to me. I was going to buy an eyeliner from CandyDoll but she insisted me to buy this and so I bought it. It's a liquid eyeliner and yeah I am now in love with it. It's super sharp and clean.

SilkyGirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen in 01 Blackest Black. I bought it because I wanted to try it :p HAHA

IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner in WE 01 All Black. This is my usual tool to line my eyes. I bought it because it's a must item in my makeup bag. It's a gel eyeliner. Easy to work with. Long lasting. Waterproof. Smudge resistant. Easy to remove with make up remover.

SilkyGirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover for face, eyes and lips. This is a new items for me. Usually I cleaned my face with a makeup remover from IN2IT but I want to try something new and so I bought this :)

My forever loved items! :D Sasatinnie Facial Mist Toner in Peach scent. I used it as a final step in my makeup routine. It's sets up my makeup and makes it lasts longer. The smell is very pleasant! :D

Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige by Rimmel London. And the last thing that I bought is this. I bought it because it was recommended by one of the beauty blogger/youtuber named Jen frmheadtotoe. She recommended this and that's why I bought it to give it a go. I hope it will give me a better coverage on my face. So excited to try it ^.^

Back to the main story, after we hauled all of this things my hubby took me to River Waterfront. I know it's still early and we're not going to see any colored lights but it was for spending precious time together :) And I liked it ^.^ We walked there for a few steps and then went up on the bridge. We talked and after that snap some pictures together.

He's not ready at that time and I was excited to push the capture button :p HIHI sorry babyboo ^.~ Can you see the henna in my arms? It's the initial for our names :)

Aigoo~ What's with my weird face? O.o

Act cute :p HAHA

Hey hey~ I'm syama and I'm Ashraf's girlfriend :D

Look how skinny is my arms ~.~ I lost weight again :( Now, I'm 30kgs :'( My hubby scold me for being this skinny. I look like a skull :(

Mostly, it's him. I was too over on the left so I'm not fully inside the picture. Never mind, I can show you off my lovely and handsome hubby ^.^

Weird smile but yeah we're both inside the picture and looked very lovely ^.^ I love you dearest babyboo :*

Self cam and tried to smile like I used to :)

Duck face but it's not working though :/

Heechul's trademark smile :p HIHI

Pity face but actually I'm happy at that moment :) My hubby laugh seeing me capturing this photo :p HAHA

And lastly, a smile for all my dearest readers and followers :D I love you all :D

Our date ended after we went to watch the movie during the night. I know it's not that awesome but for me, every second that I spent with him are the treasures memories that can't be bought by money. We've both went through a lot. Pains, tears, and rumors. We're almost breakup but Allah keeps our faith together. I think we're meant for each other. I'll keep praying for that. He might not be the most perfect guy to suit me but he's the best that I've ever had. I don't need perfections. I just need someone who's able to be beside me and listens to me. I need someone who's willing to sacrifice their time to entertain me. I want someone who thinks I'm the best in their life. I want someone who understands me and can lend me their shoulder when I need it. I want someone who's willing to spend the rest of their life with me. All this characters suits him. He has all what it takes to be with me. I don't care what's his previous mistakes. It's in the past. He's changed. And yeah, he changed it for me. 

Thank you sayang for all the hard work you've put in for our relationship. I know it's hard and things are rough sometimes. I'm also not as perfect as you think. I have lots of imperfections but you look at it as my strongest charm. You make me feel special. You treat me like I'm the queen of your kingdom. You make me feel like I'm living in fairytales. Our love story isn't like the ones in movies but we're the actresses and actor for our own story. You're the Director and I'm the Producer. We're both the scriptwriters. We create our own magical fantasy that no one can ever imagine. I love you sayang.. I love you so much.. I don't want anyone else in this world. I just want you. YOU. Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar. Forever. Eternally. Beyond. Mine. I'm yours.

That's all for this entry. I know it's really a long entry. Hope you enjoy it :D Thanks for reading ^.^ Will post more soon :) Assalamualaikum and toodles ^.^ Adios~

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