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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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I'm Happy ^_^
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers and followers ^.^ How are you guys been doing this festive season? Hope you all are doing just fine and nothing bad happened to you. I'm happy. I'm seriously happy with my life right now. I know there's still a few persons who tries to make me angry but I'm taking a few steps back and trying to ignore it. And yes! I did it! I tried to think positive. I motivate myself by saying that everything's going to work just well if you just ignore all the threats. I ignored it and Alhamdulillah, everything is really going well to me :)

I'm still in my holiday from work since that accident and sometime my routine is just doing the same thing. But ever since I have a new kittens, I can actually filled up my schedule with them. I'm happy just to entertain them. There was one stray cat who accidentally came to my house. I didn't bother about it until one day the cat gave birth to a three cute little kittens! They're healthy and I'm thinking of keeping them as my pet. I'm so lucky cause the cats is very timid and it ease me :) All the little kittens are in white color. How do I differentiate them? They have different eye colours. One have both blue eye color. One have light brown eye color and another one have both colors on each side of it's eyes. They're so cute. I gave name to them. The one with blue eye color is Kiki. The light brown is Lala and the other one is Lulu. They make me happy! :D

Yesterday, Wan Dv invited me to do a photoshoot. I thought it was his game but it was Harry Sz game. I don't mind at all. I just said yes and Harry Sz came to fetch me. I wore the dress and the shoes that I bought the other day. After picking me up, Harry Sz had to take me to Bercham to fetch another two talents who's going to join us. The photoshoot was supposed to be at the same place I went with Kechik Shutter the other day but on our way, the rain pour down really heavy so the place was cancelled. We went to Simpang Pulai cause Wan Dv was there waiting for us. The shoot then changed to a studio shoot since it's raining. The talents involve were Fara Nursyakila, Ecah, Nurizzati, ChaCha and me. There were 5 talent and I'm the only one who's in hijab :) And the other four talent is younger than me. They all among 17 years old. I'm the only one who's already 20 :( 

This is us ^.^ From left: Nurizzati, ChaCha, Me ^_^, Faraa and Ecah :D

I'm the first one to shoot, that's why I'm the only one who's wearing shoes. It was my first time to shoot in a studio. It was awkward but still fun :D Maybe you guys want to see the photos that were taken for me right? So, here it is :) Enjoy :)

Shoot by King Fly :)

Shoot by Muhamad Azlan :)

Shoot by King Fly :)

Shoot by King Fly :)

Shoot by Faizzamal Rahimi :) Like his page : Fareast Photography

Shoot by Wan Dv :) Like his page - Rasa Sayang Photography

We were in Alakazam Artwork Studio that day and it was really a good experience for me. It was my first time and maybe I'll be having another photoshoot inside the studio again :) It's because early today, I got some offer from a photographer called Najar Husshakir. He invited me to shoot at his studio named Artlight Studio. I just said yes cause I don't want to be too picky and demanding. In fact, I'm actually currently is trying to make a portfolio of my own. And then, after setting the date and so on Najar offered me to be a model for this particular boutique! Alhamdulillah, my rezeki :) I'm so grateful. I'll be doing the job at the end of this month and InsyaAllah, I'll be getting some payment for that job. Alhamdulillah! I really thanked Allah for all this rezeki! :D He also offer himself to make a comrade card for me. He wants to help promote me in modelling world. He wants me to be in a magazine. He's really nice cause willing to help me :)

To add on, there was one photographer who offered to do a couple photoshoot. As soon as I saw that, I tried to ask him. I'm seriously interested with it :D But I was worried since I'm in hijab, maybe he wants a different perspective of couple photoshoot. But I was totally wrong! He was okay with it. So, we set the date and he'll message me if the shoot is on. I've already told my hubby about it and he's so happy and excited at the same time. He's scared cause he's not a talent and in fact he never ever been photographed by a professional photographer. So, I think this is the time that he can experience the things that I'm interested doing :) I've been dreaming on doing this kind of shoot but there were none who's interested to do it until this photographer came up with the idea. I hope the shoot will be okay and work very well. I'm excited about it ^.^

As you all can see good things happened to me after I pushed away all the problems which has been bothering me for so long. I'm happy for taking the risk. I'm happy right now. I'm happy with my family. I'm happy with my dearest hubby. I'm happy with my life. Seriously I AM! :D Especially, I'm happy with my hubby to be. How I'm lucky to have him in my life. I wouldn't ask for anything else in this world except for him. I just want him in my life and the hereafter. He's the one for me. He's special in his own way. I just know he is. I seriously liked it when he lie down his head on my shoulder, put his fingers around mine and then said 'Mummy, daddy sayangkan mummy sangat-sangat.. Daddy betul betul sayang dan cintakan mummy sangat-sangat.. Mummy tolonglah jangan tinggalkan daddy lagi.. Daddy tak suka bila mummy minta putus.. Daddy takut kehilangan mummy.. Daddy nak mummy.. Daddy nak sehidup semati dengan mummy.. Daddy sayangkan mummy sangat-sangat.." While saying this, he constantly rub the back of my hand and grab it even harder. I can really felt what he said. It came straight into my heart.. I love him.. I really love him.. No one is comparable than him except our prophets. To me, he's everything. I really am in love with him. I'm falling in love with him more and more. People would say that the relationship will start to break down when it's already long enough but mine is completely different. The more and more we stayed together, the love ties between us grows up everyday. We're the type of couple who can't be part away for so long. We need to see each other. At least once in a day. That doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it makes me happy. I love you sayang ^.^

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum and toodles ^.^ Adios :*

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