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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Happy Anniversary ^_^
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers :D How are you guys been doing today? Hope you all doing just fine. I was extremely bored today cause my photoshoot had been cancelled and postponed to this Sunday. So, I really don't have anything to do. I just lingering around the house. Keep my kittens fed. Cleaning their cage. Tweeting. Facebooking. Youtubing. Blergh~ All those sorts of stuff. Boredom strikes. I didn't text my hubby-to-be today because I'm out of credit and didn't have enough money to top up. He kept on sending me texts but I didn't reply any of them. Actually, last night he pissed me off and I switch off my phone until this morning. I received 34 missed calls and tonnes of texts messages. I don't feel bad at all because he deserved it. I don't have anything special this time because I didn't prepare anything so I think this is the best way I can celebrate our anniversary/

Let's go back to the memories of our first meeting. The first time we met. It was exchanging smiles. But I didn't actually smiled at you. I smiled to my supervisor who tends to be your adopted sister. You asked her about me and you asked for my number from my friend who's working there. You missed called me the first time we start to know each other. I gave you a text asking who was it. Immediately, you called me and we're on the phone for almost 2 hours. You promised me that we're going to meet each other the next day near the waterfall. But you didn't came because you has your family matters. Since then, you came to my work place everyday and accompany me during my break time. When I'm doing my full time shift, you stayed from my lunch break until my evening break. You really cared for me. Until one day, after I got back from work I received a texts message from you. You proposed me to be your lifetime partner. Without hesitation, I agreed. 

Our first date on Monday, the only day I'm off from work. We went out during the noon and got back during the night. It was really a sweet memories with you. Things starts to get a bit rough when I found out that you've already has a girlfriend. My heart was broken into pieces. I asked for a breakup. We didn't contact each other for a week and suddenly you came back to me. You told me that your current (during that time) girlfriend lacking in so many ways. You told me that she never spent time with you. She two-timed you and got caught by your own friends. But you said you didn't have the heart to ask for a breakup since you guys has been together for a long time. So, you asked me to be your 'kekasih gelap' and makes your girlfriend furious until she's the one who asked for the breakup. It wasn't that long. It took us one week and you're 100% mine. It was on 17th September 2011. I still remember that day because that day we went to my teacher's wedding ceremony. You proposed again to me and this time it was for real and long time period. 

Since that moment, our relationships went out really well. I bet that things aren't going too well since the rough time hits us. Several times. To be honest, it was many of it. It's all involving your ex-girlfriend. There's so many challenges and obstacles we've went through. No joking, all of it were painful to went through but you were there. Beside me. Kept on motivating me to stay strong. I believed in you. We started to do the things that we dreamed to do before this. I dreamed to do all sorts of couple thing and so were you. We bought a couple ring and it was really worth it. You bought for me our first Bodyglove couple t-shirt. It was in pink color and I'm so happy each time the both of us wore that shirt. 

Our first holiday together was last year when we went to Pulau Pinang with my bestfriend and her boyfriend. We went there as a double date honeymoon. It was really a fantastic memory. We walked by the beach during the night. The sea breeze chills me but when you held my hands and hugged me tight, I felt warmed. We sat on the bench by the beach and starts to talked about our future. Our future house. Our future kids. Our future honeymoon holiday. We talked a lot. The next day, we went to Penang Hill. We took so much photos there. We had an ice-cream up there and everything was really amazing to me. It was a splendid moments. 

Not long after that, we went there again but this time we went there with your siblings, Aizat, Amirul and Aziq. We went there because your brother had something to do with his assignment and we took advantage from it. This time we went to another different beach and it wasn't a great difference. Both beach were incredible. We had our laksa and ABC by the beach and after that we walked along. You took a video of me and I took yours. Whenever I watched the video, this memory came flashed in. We took so many photos and I am sorry cause I can't upload it. It was during the time I'm not in hijab so it's not appropriate for me to upload it. 

We went out every weekends to spend time together. It's either we have money or not, we still went out cause we believe that money isn't the important thing. The ties we had between us was much more important. Each time we went out, we must watch a movie. It's like our tradition and my job was to keep all the movie tickets. It's not a waste cause whenever I looked at all the movie tickets that we've watched, it's a splendid memory. And there was one day when we both went to Pulau Pangkor nonchalantly. Without any plannings or anything, we just went there. We sit by the beach and promised to each other that we're going to come here again and it's going to be our next holiday honeymoon together. 

I had to finished my STPM first before we can proceed to the plans. During my hard time at school, you were there standing beside me each time I'm feeling down. There were few times I nearly break down and almost gave up but you encouraged me to stay strong and keep on striving. You helped me with my financial problems and everything that you could helped. I'm thankful for having you in my life. You're like my life saver. I seriously in love with you when you cared about me so much. Since you said you wanted to marry me, you started your first moved by assuring me with my meals. You gave me monthly allowance so that you can get used to it. 

After I finished my STPM, we did a lot of thing that we can't do before this. We went to Teluk Batik and had our first camping there. It was a memory to me. It really was. From that, I can see your real traits and behaviour. You have a very manly charisma and you're really responsible. I can see that very clearly. And that time, you saw my natural beauty. You saw my real bare face and you said that I looked very beautiful when I woke up. That blushes me and I'm relieved that you didn't picked me because of my looks. 

Praised to Allah, luck was on your side. You have enough money for the both of us to enjoy a more exclusive honeymoon holiday. Both of us planned to go to Pulau Langkawi. It's far and we think that we can gather new experience. It was our first time travelling by our own and it's out from the country. We went there by train. We didn't plan anything. We didn't do any research on where to stay and what to do. We just went there as if we're a backpacking traveller. I bought our train ticket to Alor Star and on the night we're about to aboard, you gave me the best birthday gift ever! You gave me my fav phone with my fav color! I was very happy and the journey completes everything. We stayed at the most expensive hotel there. You said no worries because you have enough money for our expenses. I was embarassed because I didn't use my money at all. But you said it's okay. You're my husband-to-be and it's your responsibilities to take care of everything. During the day, we explore the island by went through all the places they had there. During the night, we took a long walk by the beach and do all the shopping. The next day, we had our hopping island experience. It was really fantastic and I enjoyed everything. You bought everything that I want. I was really happy and that becomes the greatest memories I've ever experienced! :D

Because of  that camping experienced, you planned to have another camping trip in Pulau Pangkor. The plans takes months since we didn't know how things worked there. We already set the date to go there and at very last minute, we acknowledge that we need to have a permit to camp by the beach. You told me to keep calm and we'll discuss about it soon we reached there. After reaching, he decides to book a hotel since the tour guide said that it was a rainy season and it's quite dangerous to camp outside. You picked a 4 star hotel and book a separate room for the both of us. I felt sorry because it cause you a lot of money. Since we went there with your motorcycle, we don't have to worry about transport. We could go anywhere that we want and yes we done that. We took a very long ride around the island during the night. Experiencing new water activities. It was a lot of fun. We became relax and we're happy. I really missed that moment. You promised to me that one day, we're going to have another trip and it's going to be longer than this. I kept your promises sayang.

By reading all this, you guys should understand why I love him so much. It's not the money that attracts me. It's not the look that I count. But it's the pleasure and treatment that I get when I'm with him. He treated me like I'm his real wife. If he doesn't love me, why should he waste his money just for me? Is it worth it? There's a few haters out there who kept on making rumors about my boyfriend. I know that they're jealous with my happiness. I couldn't say anything. I'm not going to act fool because of love. It's not worth it but if someone had make this huge effort to be with me and showed to me how much he loved me, why should I be prejudice about him? I shouldn't be influenced by them. They wants to see me and boyfriend separate. They wants us to break up. That's what they want. But I think it's not going to happen unless Allah has written that he isn't my partner.

I do admit that we both argue a lot. We argue on the silly stuff and sometimes, we ended up almost break up but then, we reconcile and get back together. He always said like this 'Tak kira macam mana pun kita gaduh, mesti kita akan berbaik balik. Memang kita susah nak berpisah. Daddy memang tak boleh berpisah dengan mummy. Sebab antara kita banyak kenangan dan kemana saja daddy pegi, mesti daddy akan teringatkan mummy sebab kita dah pergi banyak tempat. Daddy sayangkan mummy.. Daddy sayangkan hubungan kita.. Daddy sayangkan kenangan kita.. Mummy yang teristimewa untuk daddy'.

Dear, you're the best that I ever had and I don't think I want anyone else because I already own the best guy on earth. You gave me new experienced in relationship. It might sound cliche but you're the one who changed my perception towards love. I thought you're going to be the same like all of my ex-boyfriend. I love them and be faithful but all of them cheated on me. How many times other girls took away my boyfriend and it's more painful when one of them bet with their friend to make me his girlfriend. Even though in the end he fall in love with me, but I still can't accept the fact that he lied and mocked my love towards him. He still chasing me and wants me back but I'm now with you and I will never ever getting back together with him. I love you. Only you in my deepest heart.

Happy 1 year and 11 months anniversary my dear! ^.^ We've come so far and I'm excited because in just another one month, we're going to reach our second year together. I'm happy with you and I want to thank you for everything that you did to me. You're the best my sayang. No one can ever replaced you in my heart. I seriously love you my Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar ♥ 

That's all for now and I hope you guys enjoys my entry for my anniversary. Hope you will always pray for my longevity with him and may Allah bless all of us :) Thanks for reading and I will post more soon. Assalamualaikum and toodles~ Adios :*

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