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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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What Happened To Me? :/
Assalamualaikum and Hi! How are you guys? Hope you're doing just fine. Me? I'm not good I just got into an accident yesterday. I went for a photoshoot with Wan Dv yesterday and after that, I woke up in a hospital. I can't remember anything at all My last memory were we all sat on a chair at a hall way, waiting for the rain to stop. After that, I can't remember anything. Soon as I wakes up, I'm already at the hospital. The doctors are giving me injections and stiches on my lips since it was really damaged by the accident 

I lost all of my memory of what had happened. I can't remember a thing In fact, I also forgot who sends me back home after that accident. I'm not blaming anyone and I'm actually thanked to Allah for still giving me a chance to live I'll be good and ignore all the bitches who's trying to knock me down. I'll be stronger than what I am yesterday's I'm okay. It's just I have few stiches on my lips and I injured my knees. And I'm still wondering who took out my contact lenses when I got into that accident. Soon as I wokes up, that's the only thing that came in my mind. I'm afraid if my contact lens went inside my cornea and I can be blind. NOOOOO!

But luckily, I saw my contact lens in their own places after I woke up this morning Thanks to Allah for saving me again from this trouble. I don't know what  exactly happened and that's why I'm still trying to contact Wan Dv and ask him about the whole story As for now, I'm still weak. I'm typing this entry one by one letter cause I'm too weak to get up. And right now, I'm waiting for grandma, she's helping me by cooking a porridge for me. I'm starving and I don't know what should I eat I asked for her recipe but then she volunteered herself to cook for me. I got 3 days of mc and yeah, I'll be resting at home cause I'm too weak to do anything

That's all for now readers and followers Thanks for reading~ Adios. Assalamualaikum. P/S: COPYCAT SUCKS -_____-

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