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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Sweetest Stalker Ever ^.^
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers How are you all been doing? I know earlier this evening there's a few havoc happened and hope you'll pardon me for any mistakes that happened okay? Sweetest stalker? Yes, for this entry I'm going to write about my sweetest stalker ever

Who's my sweetest stalker? Do you guys have any idea who's it? Does anyone think I'm talking about them? Is there anyone who feels like he/she is my sweetest stalker? HAHA I think you all have the wrong guesses. My sweetest stalker is my MUHAMMAD ASHRAF BIN ANUAR! He's the one who always keep up with my new updates and knows everything about me. Why did I said he's the sweetest one? As for me, boys who likes to be nosy about his own girlfriend is the best guy ever. We should know that this type of boys doesn't exist anymore right? If there were, it is countable. I really love with his new attitude and the way he showed his caring side to me. This is seriously amazing   

Before this, my boyfriend is not the type who will want to know everything about my social life. As long as I'm being faithful with him, that's enough. But somehow, lately he's being too observant about this particular thing. Every weekend, when he's not doing anything he'll online my facebook and check everything in there I have nothing to hide from him so I don't care what he want to do with it He never cared about my Twitter but something happened and by accident, I gave him my Twitter password. He checked everything! My mentions. My dms's. EVERYTHING! And he's jealous with me. He saw there's so many guys mentioned me and thinks I'm unfaithful. That's not going to happen! Not in this world. They did mentioned me but I only replied those mentioned who I personally knew. I won't replied random tweets just like that I'm not being snobbish or what but I have to take care of his feelings too

So, from that onward he always online my Twitter account in his blackberry. He never sign out and knows everything what I've tweeted and who mentioned me Thank you sayang for showing me your caring side. I don't feel burdened at all. In fact, I see that you're really into me. I can see that you're afraid of losing me Sayang, where are you? I'm still waiting for your calls, msgs, and bbm's. I'm worried about you. I still don't know what are your condition there. Please contact me as soon as you're home. Please my dear.. I'm waiting for you  

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. I'll post more~ Assalamualaikum
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