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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Superb Date Ever! :D
Assalamualaikum, Hi and good morning young homies! What's up? HAHA I know, this is an incredibly super early entry ever in this blog :D My mom wakes me up just to ask me to lock the door after she went to work just now. And so, I can't go back to sleep -___- I'm sleepy cause last night I went out with my hubby-to-be for a date :D I'm so happy cause even though we're both busy working but we still managed to find time together. This is what I really want and thanked for :D

Yesterday, I got morning shift and I'll be back by 7pm. My hubby sent me to work and pick me up after that. We went out at about 8.30pm and went straight to Jaya Jusco. I didn't thought that he would bring me there cause it's already late and we're both only wearing couple jacket and it's too simple for us both. However, we did went there and have lots of fun :D He treated me a movie yesterday. It was my choice. I picked to watched a movie called 'MAMA'. It was a English horror movie with a restriction for 18 above. Why is that so? Because the movie was really scary and it's not suitable for the children. It was a good movie and not a waste of money. I could give 5/5 of average because they did a very good job filming the movie. You guys should watch it too! ^.^

The movie starts at 10.15pm and it was 9.15pm at that time. So, we both got at about 1 hour to waste. We walked around the mall and suddenly my hubby said he wanted to go to the bathroom. Hence, we heads off. While I was waiting for him, I heard a girl crying behind of me. I looked back and the girl seemed familiar to me :/ I looked at her brother. Oh damn! The boy's also looked familiar to me. I turned back and started to think who were they. And all of a sudden, I remembered something. They're my niece from my father's side. I'm not very sure at first but as I kept looking at them, I'm very certain that it was them. I tried to approached the girl and asked her whether she recognised me. She said she didn't recognised me. It didn't upset me cause my family didn't go back to Kedah very often. It's only once every 4 years. The first time I met her when she was 1 years old. Now, she's already 5 years old. How can she recognised her own cousin if we seldom met right? :/

Few minutes later, I saw their mom approaching and my guessing was absolutely a hit! It was my father's sister! And yes, she's my aunt. I greeted her. At first, she was a little bit blur but after I introduce myself, she recognised me instantly :D I was really happy to met them even though it was for a while :) She said I looked pretty :p HIHI Then, I introduce my hubby to her. She reminded my hubby to take care of me. How sweet ^.^ My hubby was very fortunate cause he's already being introduced to my father's family members. They're the one who's very curious who's my boyfriend and all. They're waiting for my wedding and wanted to make it huge cause I'm their first grandchildren. 

After that, we went to Big Apple to buy something for a snacks inside the movie hall. First, he planned to choose the 6pcs pack but suddenly he saw the Donashi pack. It was very cute and eye catching. They looked very nice and yummy! :D So, he bought it. We went inside the movie hall and watched the movie. The movie finished when the clock strikes 12 sharp. We went back home straight away cause both of us were really tired and I need to go to work the next day. 

I manage to take some photos while we're at the Capcom Station. Actually, we didn't do anything there. Just hanging around before the movie start. Here it goes :) Enjoy! ^.^

I love to smiles :)

Peace sign everywhere! ^.^

I wanted to take photo with hubby but he was busy snapping his own photo -___-

Peace again~ ^.^ Looked very childish. Doesn't look like a girl who's turning 20 this year :D

Wink~ Wink~

There it goes again :p HAHA

At last, managed to snap photos with him :) Will miss this memory ^.^

This is all non-edit photos that I took while we're out there. I know I'm not pretty for some of you guys but as long as my hubby said I'm pretty and the people around me who knows me said the same, I will be more than happy :) That's all peoples :D Hope you guys enjoy with today's update. Will post more later on~ Thanks for reading :* Assalamualaikum :)

P/S: People who hold grudge and with jealousy will always finds ways to prove to people that they're the best and the most perfect ones until they forgot that they looked very silly when they do that :) 

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