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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Sighing With This Mixed Feelings~
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers What's up? Tomorrow which is Maulidur Rasul is exactly my day off so I'll be free tomorrow. There's a free photoshoot tomorrow but I can't go cause I don't have transport They wanted to do it in the evening. My mom can only send me during the morning. Never mind. I'm not giving my high hopes on that photoshoot

Mixed feelings? Yeah~ I'm a little bit confused When someone asked me to ask for forgiveness and yes, I've done it then that particular someone tries to make me angrier. What's their main point actually? They don't want people to disturb and talk about them but what are they doing actually? They talked about you, tries to provoke you and so many other things. I know my boyfriend has something to do with her in some weird way but they're just an EX. Why should she wants to talked about him? What would she feel if someone talks about her boyfriend? Provoke her with her boyfriend's past mistakes?  

I know that she has changed her boyfriend attitude and so does mine. My boyfriend is completely a new person now. Yes, I'm the one who's responsible for what he is now. He's not a playboy anymore. He's not like what he was before People will try to ruin someones relationship when theirs are not like what we have. Jealousy maybe? Indeed. Everyone has their own jealousy but can we all kept it inside? Don't try to make it too obvious I won't disturb her but when I've already asked for forgiveness, what did she do? She provoke me and threatened me. Is that how she wants to settle this thing? Please, stop making such an accusation. Between you and him, it has ended while ago. Really long time ago. It's almost 2 years now. Aren't you tired talking bad about him? Would you like if someone talks bad about you and your boyfriend? You won't right? Be known that when you talked bad about someone, Allah will punish you the same thing you've did to people. Trust me

I'm the type of girl who can't bear to see and listen of what people say about the one I love. Whether it's about my family, my best friend and the worst is my boyfriend. I love them so much. So so much When someone talks bad about them, I felt like they're talking about me. These precious people have connections with me so it's logic for me to feel this kind of feeling. When you love someone deeply and truthfully, you'll understand what am I talking about. I can't see anyone talking about my boyfriend. No one can talks bad about him What past has already past. No need to recall them back. How can you say you've already forgets about the past when you still talking about it? Doesn't make sense right?

My boyfriend has already changed completely There's nothing that he's hiding from me now. I know every single thing about him. Even though I may not be the first one to know since family's his priority but I'm happy cause he's making me his number 2 in his prior list He may be called as a sweet talker but he's absolutely not a liar now. He's already turning up 22 this year. He's not a kiddo anymore. He knows what is wrong and what is right. He's not acting like what he did during his high school years. I know at that time, every boys will show their naughty sides. But as the years keep on coming and making them older, they're growing and become more mature. They know how to think carefully 

Kak Mas told me something "Kamu tak payah nak layan perempuan tu sangat. Dia sebenarnya jealous. Orang yang suka mengdengki ni memang tak boleh berubah. Kamu buat lah apa pun. Ashraf tu berubah lah macam mana pun, dia tetap akan buat cerita. Tak payah lah kamu percaya sangat. Kamu percaya dekat Ashraf kan? Kamu percaya yang dia dah berubah kan? Itu semua dah cukup. Benda2 macam ni yang boleh goyah hubungan korang. Ini semua dugaan Allah nak bagi".  Thank you Kak Mas I treat her like my own older sister cause I don't have any. Now, I'll be more positive and I won't negotiate with this craps anymore. If my boyfriend cheated on me, let me be the one who knows about it and saw it with my own eyes I don't need a 'kepochi' in my relationship. I can settle my own business.

Yesterday, my baby boo doesn't contact me at all It was our 1 year 10 months anniversary but he's not here. I was waiting for him to be at home cause he has already told me that his phone was about to die. Low battery. I can understand. I waited from 7pm until 10pm. He still doesn't turn on his phone I'm extremely worried. I tried to called so many times until one moment, his phone has already switched on. But when I called him, he doesn't picked up. After awhile, someone picked up my calls. It was his mom ! His mom told me that my baby boo got possessed by a spirit while he was on the way back home He passed out and his mom bought him to a 'ustaz' house to cure him. Luckily, he recovered pretty fast. But his body is still weak and can be possessed again. I'm keeping up with my prayers cause I don't want anything bad happens to him. Oh dear followers and readers, do pray for my baby boo okay? Thank you.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum. Adios~
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