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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Pre-Wedding Course :)
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers! :D Hope you guys doing just fine :) Opps! I just saw someone's blog and seems like she copied my greetings by saying 'Assalamualaikum and Hi' in her entry. If anyone of you guys are one of her followers, you should know that she never used that greeting to greet in her entry. Never mind, let us see how far can she go by doing that :) I don't mind when people want to do the same thing like what I did.

Okay, as you guys can see from my tittle of entry, I want to share with you guys about my hubby-to-be and I planned to take the pre-marriage course. Actually the planned was made really long time ago but due to financial status of mine, we can't proceed. Now that I've started working, I think we can proceed with it when I receive my first pay check later. I feel so blessed cause my life has been going very well and Allah bless me. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah :) I got my job very easily. I asked Kak Mas which was one of the promoter at the supermarket whether I can work there or not. Suddenly, she said I was very lucky cause at that moment they have vacancy. Kak Mas promote me to her supervisor to work under Pencil Club brand. She said if I work under that brand, I can get lots of benefit. And yes, I think I really do get that benefit. My company's supervisor is such a sweet heart :) She's very nice to me and for this month, she wrote my name on her report paper even though I just started working and didn't do anything. If she does that, I will get commission which is very expensive and when I sum up with my basic pay, I can have lots of money. Thank you Lai Ping :D 

Apart from that, I gain lots of new friends at my work place, Even though they're not around my age circle but they treat me very well :) After work, they took me to have supper and during this weekend, we're going to a karaoke together :) Seriously I am blessed with lots of thing and I thanked Allah for that. As for my hubby-to-be, he treated me extra nice this time. Maybe after we both got into a fight, we realized the importance of each others absence in our life. We learned and try to appreciate each other more cause we both know that we can't life a day without each other. He's the most romantic guy I've ever met. Wanna know why? I still remember his sentence when we got into a fight few days back. He said 'Daddy tak pernah sayang dan cintakan seseorang macam mana daddy buat dekat mummy skang ni. Daddy tak peduli tentang hal lain asalkan girlfriend daddy tu setia dengan mummy. Ex daddy semua memang lemah lembut and dengar cakap daddy tapi dorang takde something yang mummy ada iaitu kesetiaan. Ex daddy semua tak setia. Bila daddy dapat tahu dengan bukti sekali, memang daddy takkan pandang belakang balik. Dulu memang daddy banyak curang tapi mummy fahamkan time tu daddy masih budak2 lagi. Langsung tak matang. Skang ni bila daddy dah besar and cukup umur, rasanya daddy dah tak perlu nak jadi macam dulu. Mummy setia dengan daddy, itu je yang daddy nak. Cukup dah lah semua tu. Daddy memang sayangkan dan cintakan mummy sangat2'. I was touched by his words at this moment. I teared up a lot cause I know that he meant every words that he said. I don't see anything suspicious with him cause if you guys know me, you guys would know how I can been very control freak to my partner. 

Lots of my friends has taken the course and I think after this will be my turn. I'm so excited with it and I hope Allah will bless me and help me to execute everything very well. Amin. 

I love this guy very much and I really hope and prayed to Allah that he's my Jodoh. Amin Do pray for us okay :) Thank you! That's all peeps. Bye-yeom

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