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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Little Kittens :D
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers :D How are you guys? Hope you're doing just fine. Aigoo~ I'm so tired :( Even though I got morning shift today but I got lots of works to do. I need to add more stocks and separate those clothes which are on normal price and best buy items. Ohh~ I spotted something :) Babe, I do admit that 'Assalamualaikum and Hi' greetings are very universal. But for your information, I have someone who's been very loyal to my blog. Those people reads my blog since from the very beginning. And for your information, they're the one who told me about you and your blog :) I don't have anything else to say but about that korean words, I use it in my daily life. You can ask people around me before this. I use it quite frequently. At some point, I decide to use it in my blog. But I think this is just a waste cause you're going to condemn about it anyway. Listens here, when someone stalks us frequently, sooner or later they'll got affected by our way or styles. I've stop stalking you way before my STPM. I don't judge you cause I don't know you and I don't have the rights to do so. I have Allah with me, let the Merciful decides :) Keep on calling me sluts and whatsoever, I don't mind at all and I don't care. Actually, you're showing to people what type of people are you for real :) Keep up the 'good' deeds :D I have lots of people who knows me of what I really am. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it very much :)

Move on with a different story ^.^ Maybe all of you guys should have know that I'm going to have a cat in my house. And yes, I've already kept them :D It was few days back, one of my Twitter follower mentioned me and asked me whether I want a cat or not. It was like a dejavu cause earlier that day, my hubby-to-be promised me that he'll catch some stray cat and give it to me. I was really thankful and excited at the same time. She said it's going to be a little kitten. Waaa~ I'm so excited and happy :D And yesterday, I got the kittens. While I was at that girl house, one of 4 of them died :( Maybe it's because of the coldness or the kitten didn't get milk and love from their mother. Their mother disappeared after gave birth to them. It was a little bit sad and devastated. When I took the remaining back home, my ibu ordered me to put them outside cause she's very sensitive with cats. She has asthma and it's not good for her health. I was really awry cause I'm afraid they might die because of the weather. I was right :( Another kitten died cause it can barely be alive :( The kitten was so small and fragile. In fact, they're really weak :(

Now, I only have two Siamese kittens :) Sorry cause I did mention Persian in my last entry. My bad :/ The remaining kittens that I have is in black colour and black-orange-white colour. They're so cute and active :D I hope they can survive with me. I already took them inside and place them in my room. I'm going to make them an indoor cat. I don't want them to be an outdoor cat cause it's dangerous out there. I'm afraid they're going to be in trouble later. It was really long time ago since I had a pet. I had a lots of pet before this. But they're all died and I was really little at that time. I already forgot on how to take care of them cause it was my ibu who took care of their needs. Now, I'm responsible to take care of what they need. They're like my baby :) 

I have my hubby to guide me of what I have to do. I;m still a newbie and still learning on how to take care of them. I hope I can make it and succeed. I'm really into this :) 

My laptop is okay now. So, here's the photos :)

This is the state of the kittens when I first get it. Can you see that two gray kittens? That's the one who died :( hmm

This is their new home which is in my room right now :) That black one is very hyperactive and the black-white-orange one is very calm. Love them so much even though it has been just two days pass :)

 That's all for today. Thanks for reading. Adios~

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