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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Hey~ Hey~
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo nae chingu! Hi my followers and readers! :D How are you guys been doing lately? Good? That's great. As for me, my life is seriously getting better day by day :) I have lots of things to share with you guys and hope you guys will spare some time to read it okay :) Thanks!

As you guys can remembered, few weeks ago my hubby-to-be and I went to Pangkor Island for our 4th trip together. We've planned about it more than a month and only succeed to work the plan out after I finished my STPM exams. We've planned to stay in a camp but due to some issues and safety precautions, we cancelled the plans. We both booked a hotel and since it was on holiday seasons, the rate for the hotel was a bit expensive but he said it was okay. It cost him about RM300 for 2 rooms. On the first day, we didn't do much as we're both were very tired because of the journey. We stayed in our rooms and after Maghrib we went out to look around. We don't have much trouble with transport cause he took his motorbike with him and it ease our movements while staying there. In fact, we can save more money :) He took me all around the island and yes I can say that the scenery during the night was more calming and beautiful than daylight. 

We set up a campfire by the sea and grill some hot dogs. We ate it while talking randomly about us and our future. After that, he parked his motorbike at the hotel and we took a walk near the hotel. We walked by the sea and it's really romantic. We took our own sweet little time to appreciate each other and express everything that we've been holding on while ago. Seriously, day by day I'm falling in love with him. He has this aura that makes me want him more and more. I'm grateful for having him in my life. I wouldn't ask for anything else cause I'm happy with what I have right now. Thank you Allah :) Ohh~ I forgot to tell you guys about our hopping island activity before maghrib that day. Since it was really late and it's impossible for us to do snorkelling and much more, so we decide to just have a tour using the boat. There was only two of us on the boat and it gave us more privacy. 

We woke up very early the next day because we have so much things to do before we went back to Ipoh. I woke up at 6am and then I knocked his hotel room like crazy until he wokes up. I rushed him to perform his Subuh and get ready for our snorkelling activity. We arrived at the island for snorkelling at about 8am and swam there until 10.30am. We had so much fun there. That was my first time doing it and I was really happy and excited with everything. We really could spent our moments together and I'm happy cause we decide to execute the plan very well :) After that, we went back to our hotel to pack our things cause we need to check out before 12pm. We done lots of things there but of course it's impossible for me to explain everything here right :) Spending every moment of my life with him wouldn't be called as a waste cause he makes me smile every second when I'm with him.

He's something that I can't put my finger on it cause he's valuable for me. He's mine forever, InsyaAllah. Yes, I admit that recently which was yesterday my hubby-to-be and I got into a silly fight and everything messed up a little bit. I'm the one who got rid our relationship status on facebook but trust me, that wasn't happening. We're both still together and we're definitely fine :) It's a normal thing when a couple fights. That's the main climax in every relationship in this world. Without it, relationship wouldn't be called as relationship. 

And another things, now I've started working :) I am now a promoter for a baby & children department at a supermarket. I'm taking care for Pencil Club brand. I've calculated my pay and InsyaAllah, my first pay check will be in 4 digits. Amin :) My hubby-to-be was actually a bit reluctant to let me work cause he's afraid I'm going to two-timing him but everyone knows that I will never do that. I'm the most faithful girlfriend ever :D And yeah! He admits it too. He told me that I'm different from his ex's. They're all have good attitude which was respecting him very well but none of them were faithful. They all did two-timing him and when he found out with a proof, he won't go back to one of them anymore. I may not be like any one of them but I have my own specialty. I am not pretty nor beautiful. I am not graceful enough to be a good girlfriend but I can treat him very well. I am faithful cause I don't want to be two timing by anyone especially him :( But I know he's faithful. I know he is.

His mother did asked him whether he really wants to proceed our relationship to the next level which was marriage and he's confidently said yes. His mother was very puzzled seeing him being crazily in love with me. I am not trying to boast around but that's what he told me. He loved me so much until he can't express how he felt about me. I can understand him very well. Cause I'm feeling it too. I want us to be really 'halal' soon. I don't care if people wants to say bad things about me. I just want some happiness in my life and I'm very sure with my decision. I want to settle down with him. I choosed him. He's the one. He's my one and only LOVE in this world. I don't want anybody else. He's the only guy who knows me very well and can understand me and tolerate with my behavior. I know I'm not a perfect girl he can have but I'm trying my best to make him happy with my own way. I'm going to make sure he's happy to be by my side.

Baby boo, I am sorry cause I did lots of things that actually hurts your feelings. I never considered about your feelings and have been very selfish to myself. I admits my mistakes and I'm trying to change all of my bad habits. I promised you, I'm going to be the best you've ever had. I want to be one :( Honey, I am sorry for causing lots of trouble and always makes decision without thinking any further. You're right sayang, I'm still immatured in this relationship. I'm acting like a kid where I shouldn't be. I will try to change it. I'm going to put lots of effort to make sure our relationships stays until we're halal. I really hope so.. Sayang, I really love you and I think you're aware of it right? I'll make sure I'll change all of my bad habits. I will sayang :) Thank you for staying with me until now.. I will always love you.. You're my everything my Muhammad Ashraf Bin Anuar :) 

This photos are seriously got nothing to do with my entry today. I just uploaded it to share with you about my muslimah photoshoot :) ENJOY! :D

Can you believe that I'm turning 20 this year? Gosh~ I myself couldn't believe it. For this photoshoot, I agreed to accept this one photographer but during that day, there was 7 photographers who came to shoots my photos. I am so thankful and it was really a great experience to work with them :) I hope I can have more photoshoots next time :) Amin

That's all peeps. Hope you enjoy my entry today. If you have anything to ask, feel free to drop your commens :) Thank you! Bye-yeom! 
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