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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Counting The Days~
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers :) How are you all been doing? Good? Hope so. So, today's earliest post entry is going to be very plain and nothing interesting at all. 

Well, I can't sleep. Twittering? I'm too lazy to type new tweet. Facebooking? I think it's enough statuses I've made for today so it's better for me to find something else to do. Just gonna talk randomly about me. So far my mc's day are going very boringly To be honest, I didn't do anything at all apart from online and sleeping. I can't go out due to my condition and in fact, where to if I wanna go out? I'm not going anywhere without my dearest hubby. Ohh~ Except for that one day :p I think it was on 26 January where I went out without him and without his permission. Sorry hubby :( I think it was few days ago and the reason I went out because I need some fresh air and a little mind soothers. 

He doesn't reply to any of my calls and texts so I decide to go out without him. It was the second day after I'm involved with the accident. I went to Ipoh Parade for a window shopping and yeah indeed that's what I did. My mom sends me and she asked me to text or call her if I want to go back. I said okay and start to tour the whole mall. I went through all the shops there and caught my eyes on a few dresses. I'm planning to buy them after I received my pay checks. 

I went upstairs at the Hip Hop arena and look around. Suddenly, I received a text message from my adopted adik from Twitter. She asked me whether I'm in Ipoh Parade or not. I'm not surprised cause I've already tweeted about it on my twitter account and she may have seen it. So, I replied yes. She asked again for a confirmation about the clothes that I'm wearing at that time. Yeah~ My dress up was very simple. I'm wearing a t-shirt with a long and big black gray stripes cardigan and a pair of seasoned colored skinny jeans. A few moments later, someone nudge me from the back and I immediately recognised her! It was the girl who texted me just now. She saw me and recognised me soon after she passed me by. I was really surprised cause she could recognised me cause I'm wearing a mouth mask and it's covering almost of my face. It's quite impossible for someone who never met me before to know that it was me. Yeah~ I'm so shocked and happy at the same time. There's someone who actually recognised me even though they never met me before. Thank you my dear.

I walked with her and her friend. We tried to bond and I can admit that it wasn't too hard at all. She's friendly and it's very easy for me to talk with her. I'm comfortable when I'm with her. I asked her what is she doing here and was about to help her find anything that she might be searching. She said she was looking for a school book so we went to Popular bookstore but sadly, they didn't have anything that my adopted adik wants. So, we moved to Novelhut. As we were walking there, I get to know her much better. But mostly, she's the one who starts the conversations. That's why I'm comfortable with her :) 

I waited for her to finished and after that, we went to the foodcourt and find a place to sit and chit chat a little more. She asked me what am I doing there alone and more, without my hubby. It was a weird situation to see me all alone. Yeah~ I know ~.~ I told her that I need some fresh air after my accident and I couldn't reached my hubby. That's why I'm out there alone. I've already bought my movie ticket at that time. I decide to watch The Last Stand so I bought it. My adopted adik said she had to leave and so it was a goodbye :( 

Nonetheless, it was quite surprising for me and a new experience. Now, I think I'm more confident with myself and I can make lots of friends like this. I know I can :) Hwaiting syama! :D I know you can do it. I'm actually counting the days for this Sunday to arrive :) My hubby's going to take me somewhere and I'm not going to tell you guys where are we both going. It's a secret! :p I hope the plan will run smoothly and may Allah bless me :) Amin. Since I'm staying at home all this while, I can see the changes of my skin. They're becoming more fairer. My face has whitens up a little bit and I'm impress :D hehe

That's all for today. Thanks for reading ^.^ I'll post more later~ Assalamualaikum. Adios :*

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