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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Syama ♥ Ashraf

I love you my one and only Muhammad Ashraf ♥
Eun Whan ♥ Jae Kyung

Look at those eyes that winking, I just love it when he does that. Makes me melt~ ♥
A Millionaire's First Love ♥

Wondering why I like you, I miss you. It's a disease ♥
My One & Only Pororo ♥

He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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Bored Day Off -___-
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers :D Today's such a boring day for me. It's my day off and I didn't plan to do anything. That makes it more boring. Gahh~ Seriously I just don't know what to do. Online? Boring -__- Youtubing? Even worse :O So, I just spent my time with my kittens. I took them outside. Gave them a bath cause their body's still covered up with blood. It's smelly and it's disturbing me. Pretty obvious right? :/ 

And as you'll know, I like make up very much. Whether it's natural or heavy make up, I just love it. I don't care what people want to say as long as I'm happy with my life, no one can disturb me. So, today I tried a new make up style which I say Fiffy Natasya Kawaii did and uploaded in her facebook page. It was very pretty and breathtaking :) And I tried it. I don't know whether I can pull it off or not but I did tried right? And I'm lovin' it :D

Here's the photos that I manage to take ^.^ Adududu~ Enjoy peeps :p

I ♥ U Muhammad Ashraf :*

Wondering why I love you cause it's a disease :)

Copied my niece's peace sign :p She did like that cause she don't know how to separate the two fingers apart XD

I'm using my Brown Big Eyes lens that my mom bought for me :)

My hubby love the way I smile cause that's the first thing he caught his eyes on :)

Erm, I looking at you boy cause I miss you so much! XD

Aigoo~ I love you and I miss you sayang :(

Trying to be strong until I'll be able to meet you again ♥

Look into my eyes baby and fall in love with me ♥

Hey~ Hey~ I Love You hubby Muhammad Ashraf! :*

Hey you~ I missed you! D:

My day's a re boring without you :(

Peace! Peace! ^.^

Smile and let the peace spread among us :)

Chupp! A kiss from me to you ♥

Showing you my rabbit teeth :D HAHA

Why so serious honey? O.o

♥ I love you always MA ♥

Take you close to me so that I can feel you! XD

Can't describe how much I LOVE YOU ♥

I ♥ U

Hey you~ I LOVE YOU! ♥

That's all peeps :D Thanks for reading. I'll post more. See ya :) Adios~

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