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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Another Boring Day -_____-
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers ^.^ What's up? I'm bored. Super duper bored. I don't know what to do. My mom has restricted me from doing anything that can harm me so I can't do anything at all. I just got back from my working place cause I need to settle something regarding my pay check. If I didn't do it, I won't get my salary. 

Erm, yesterday I hauled a lot of new contact lenses. It was from a company in Korea. They're selling a contact lens directed from there. The person who's I'm dealing with is a middle person so he/she will get the contact lenses that I want. And since I'm making the order during this festive season, they said they're having an offer. For each pair that I'm ordering, I'm getting a new pair for free! :D OMG! I'm so thrilled! I bought 4 pairs of contact lenses and I'm getting another 4 pairs plus 8 contact lens cases for free :D What a savings right? I bought the contact lenses cause I like the design and it's the design that I've been searching for a long time. It's a design that I can't get in Malaysia. That's why I'm eager to deal this business with them. 

Apart from that, I've ordered from someone who can get me a mist from Victoria's Secret which is straightly imported from London. I know I can ask my aunty to go and purchase them for me but she might be busy right now handling her new born baby which is Jayden :) So, I'm not going to disturb her. I'm a HUGE fan of Victoria's Secret and I've been searching for the mist for a really long time. Ugh~ But it's hard to find them in Malaysia and in fact, here in Ipoh. They don't have any store right here. I did tried search for it at Sasa and that perfume shop in Ipoh Parade but they don't carry that brand. Neither do Jaya Jusco. They only sell that craps brands -___- 

Look at this screen grabs. Hm I know I may look a little bit mean but I really didn't notice his texts. I was sleeping at that time and once I woke up, I immediately replied his texts.

He's such a sweet heart doesn't he? :) Aww~ I'm melting like an ice-cream right now. He melts me every single day. Thank you sayang and I love you so so much :* And actually this is a proof that he stalks me every single day ^.^ HEHE Darling, I'm looking forward to your plan this Sunday. Hope it's going to work very well and leaves us both a great memory together ^.^

That's all for now peeps~ I will post more entry soon. Thanks for reading my beautiful and handsome readers :D Assalamualaikum and Adios :*

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