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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! How are you guys today? :) Fine? Or just a normal Sunday? Or maybe you guys are all ready to go to school tomorrow? :p HIHI I've promised to someone that I will always update mu blog but then, I was a little bit busy and too lazy to think when writing entries. But I think I should pleased someone even though it's not that much. I know my entries are all boring but I wrote it due to what I felt and this is the real reason I created this blog. 

Today's entry is going to be about my date with my hubby-to-be of course! :D Maybe some of you guys knows that I'm working right now and indeed, yes I am. I'm working on Sunday but I was very lucky cause I get morning shift so I'll be back home at 7pm. My hubby went for his motorbike convoy's today but he promised to pick me up after work. We want to go to GM to sell the phone that I found few weeks ago. I found a white Sambung Corby II while I was walking to go to work. Maybe it was my luck but I don't think I need that phone cause I already have my blackberry. That's why I sold that phone. And in fact, I need some money to buy cat food and accessories since I'm going to have a cat soon :D

One of my twitter followers offered me 4 kittens include their mom. It's going to be Persian cat. Whoa! I'm so excited :D My hubby said he's going to take one or two from it cause he thinks it's too many for me to handle. I don't mind at all. After he took me from work, we went back home to take my helmet and get changed. Then, we straight away went to GM and sold the phone. It was quite expensive and I get a lot from it. I said I want to treat him dinner since he just got back from Taiping and maybe he's hungry. 

My hubby took me to Ipoh Parade cause we planned to buy that XXL Fried Chicken and Sweet Plum Fries. That's our favourites and we ordered that thing each time we went there :D Moments later, we went to the Thailand Fair upstairs to buy TomYam Fried Rice for him and Laksa TomYam for me. It was a took away cause we planned to eat at somewhere else. Done doing everything, we move to Padang Ipoh and had our dinner there. It was quite romantic to have dinner at a very wide place and calming environment. He feed me the chicken after he teared it to a small pieces. He feed it into my mouth and I think it was quite romantic ^.^ Seriously, we had so much fun there. I admit that we're just met yesterday but it was just a quick date and I'm not satisfied with it.

We fought a lot last week and it was completely worst :( That's why I think that date isn't enough for me. Instead, today's date was also not that enough for me :'( I want more :'( I want it sayang :( But I'll be strong and will wait until May for our third holiday trip to Pulau Pangkor with your motorbikes friend :D This time, we're going to stay there for a little longer that before this :) 

Sayang, thank you so much for tonight and I hope we'll meet again soon :) I'm going to miss you sayang :( Be good and hope you will take care of yourself. I'll be waiting right here for you my baby boo :* I love you so much :* That's all peeps~ Thanks for reading and I'll post more entries later soon! :D Bye-yeom.. Assalamualaikum :)
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