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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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What a Surprise! :D
Assalamualaikum and Good Morning my lovelies ^.^ I went out on a date today with my future hubby and guess what? Something HUGE happened to me :D

So, the story began like this.. We went out approximately around 1-2pm today but we went to Sing Interprise first cause we need to go check out a new helmet for me. He broke my visor the other day cause he was so jealous of his own jokes ~.~ He said something that purposely makes he own self jealous but at last, it was me who got the blame and punishment. Even before he makes his decision to buy a new one for me, he asked the owner of the shop first whether the visor can be fixed or not. Amazingly, the visor didn't even broke -,- The panel went out from their position that makes it looks like broken. So, the plan was cancelled cause my helmet still can be use :D In fact, I actually don't want for a replacement. If he wants to find me a new one, he has to buy the same Pink Arai helmet for me. I know he can't do that cause my helmet was a customise helmet. It's one a kind. He's the one who bought it for me. Here it is :)

My Pink Arai helmet that he bought for me long ago ^.^

Okay, continue.. After that, we straight away went to Aeon Station 18. I asked him to go there cause they've got the best selection of movies rather than in Jaya Jusco Kinta City. I wanted to watch Lagenda Budak Setan 2 cause people said that it was a great movie to watch and so indeed. The movie was extremely THE BEST! :D But before we watched the movie, there were few situations that happened. First, we fought because of a small matter. As we went to the counter ticket to purchase the movie ticket, he suddenly became very timid and shy and asked me to go and buy the ticket. He did that because there were no people who's in the line and people who came to watch the showtime left after seeing the time table. It was like something weird going on there. I was really furious at him cause it's so childish to do so. Instead of going to buy the ticket, he constantly playing with his Blackberry. That makes me angrier. After seeing my sour face, he gave in and went to buy the ticket. He did it reluctantly and that's when the fight became worse. Since I'm a bad tempered person, I seriously can't handle with the situation. I walked in front of him and in a blink, he was out of my sight. We split up. I don't know where he went. I BBM-ed him said that I was leaving. I threatened him by saying I want to go home and asked my mom to fetch me there.

We're both really stubborn and refuse to give in but at last, he gave in. He doesn't like seeing us fighting over a small matter. He asked me to wait where I was sitting at that time. I was outside of the building and sitting on the bench in front of  Padini Concept Store. It took him a while to come over. In my mind, I was thinking maybe he's lost cause he's not familiar with that place. I just waited there. At first there were no one sitting beside me but few moments later, there is this auntie who came and sit beside me. I can't say anything and just be blunt about it. I waited for him until minutes later I saw him in front of me, looking at opposite sites. He didn't see me at first and so do I. When I saw him, I can't helped myself but to smile. Why? Because, I saw him hugging a HUGE teddy bear in his arm. After he saw me, he moved to the side where it's far a bit from the place I sat. He can't just go to me cause that auntie got her family with her. He BBM-ed and asked me to come to him. I went to him and immediately smiled! ^.^ I didn't said anything to him and he's the one who starts the conversation first. He was sorry and he said 'Kalau mummy tak nak cakap dengan daddy, mummy cakap lah dengan bear bear nih.. *sambil dia buat suara teddy bear*  Mummy, mummy.. Daddy minta maaf... Maafkan lah daddy.. Daddy yang salah...' 

And how am I supposed to react with that?! :D My heart melts the moments he did that. I was so touched and finally I saw how passionate he is to me :) I just took one photo of myself with the teddy bear when we're at Pizza Hut over there. Here :) 

He bought me a huge purple teddy bear :) Thank you my uchuk! ^.^

This is before we went to watch the movie. Soon after we're done eating, we went upstairs to watch the movie. As we were there, our hall still didn't open yet, so we just hanging around there. There was a stall that sold phones cover. He asked me to go there and check out whether they have a Blackberry cover. They actually do and sells a very nice cover! :D I asked the lady for my Blackberry model and she showed me a very cute Hello Kitty set. My face lit up and I can't just stop smiling after that. He saw me and asked for my phone. He told the lady to try it on and once he's satisfied with it, he just bought it for me. I was speechless. SERIOUSLY I AM! >< I am so HAPPY!!!!! :D Thank you again sayang! I'm a huge fan of pink color and HELLO KITTY. So this is something that I can tick out from my wish list :D Here the pictures of it ^.^

SO CUTE RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I KNOW! :D

I'm so happy even though it wasn't expensive like the teddy bear. I'm thankful for what I have and got. Thank you again sayang :D

As a conclusion, my date today has it's own ups and downs. No matter what happened, we still managed to end up in a good situation. My baby boo, I want to say thank you for today. You seriously made my day.. I couldn't arrange any nice words to describe everything that you've did but I could only say thank you and I really appreciate what you've did. Sayang, I know I've been so mean to you with my ego and all but I realised everything the moment I've made mistakes. I'm sorry sayang. That's my only flaws that I still can't changed. I will try a little bit harder for our relationship. I would do anything to save our relationship. My boy, thank you for being there when I need you. Thank you for lending me your shoulder to cry on when I have problems. Thank you for being my friend to talked to. Thank you for being my best partner in crime. Thank you for EVERYTHING. You've been the best that I ever had. I don't have any regrets with you. Even so I died tomorrow. I'll die with happiness and a smile on my face. You're special to me. You're my soul mate.

Oh My Allah, THE MERCIFUL.. I make this du'a for the both of us.. Please forgive us for all the sins that we've made.. Please take us and guide us to your right paths.. We make mistakes and we realised it.. If he's the one for me, if he's the right owner for my ribs, if he's the chosen one to guide me into your Jannah, please make us close together.. Don't keep us further apart.. Spare me some dunya love and cares.. If we're meant to be together, please ease the journey that we're going to go through.. You're the ONE that I make my sujuds, You're the ONE that I asked for forgiveness, You're the ONE that I begged for help.. You're the ONE for me.. Amin..

That's all peeps. Assalamualaikum ^.^
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