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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! How you guys been doing this holiday? :) So far so good? Glad to hear it if you're having a good time and those who stuck at home, don't be sad. We're on the same page :'( Yeah~ I still didn't finish my exam yet. Tomorrow will be THE DAY. So, I'll make use of my free time later by enjoying myself :D Redeeming all the hard work I've did all this time ^.^

Okay, today's entry will going to be just a quick updates and simple. Well, it's just a planning and haven't come true yet but I'll just share with you guys all the inside scoop okay? :) Last night, my hubby BBM-ed me and suddenly came up with a renovation topic. Huh? :/ I was a little bit clueless in the beginning. As you guys knows, I like PINK. Like VERY MUCH!!! >< I just don't know why recently I've been falling in love with PINK. So, he asked me how much would it cost to buy a can of paint? He wants to renovate my room with a pink and white theme. I was really excited by hearing that idea cause I actually wanted to do it very long time ago but didn't have the chance and a capital. I'm not working and so I don't have MONEY!!! T^T How sad huh? :'( But he said he'll pay for all the cost later. OMG! Are you serious?! :D I'm excited!!!!! ^.^

In one condition, I have to reserved some corner for the both of us. He said he wants me to provide a space for him and I to create our own wonderland. By means, that corner will be filled with our love journey! :D Just by hearing that, my heart blooms. I can see how passionate and excited he is about doing this :) I'm so looking for it to be fulfilled :D As for me, I want to transform my own television. I have my own television in my room and it's just a plain normal television. Since my room will be in pink white theme so I guess what I've been dreamed of before this would actually come true :) I came a cross this leopard print plush sticker back then and I've been imagining it on my television body. I know it's going to be really awesome and pretty and CUTE! ^.^ I told him about it and guess what? He said I'm so creative! Why? Because that leopard plush skin sticker is in pink and white color. So, it's going to be really match with my new room later.

By reading this entry, I'm sure you guys would understand how excited I am about this thing :D Even my ibu has approve it and she'll help anything that I need. Since there will be a painting session later in my room so I need my ibu to be at home cause I don't want people to misjudge us. She'll be monitoring our work and so THANK YOU IBU! ^.^ Aigoo~ I'm so excited with this plan! >< HEHE Okay, enough with that. This Saturday, my hubby and I are going to Teluk Batik with his motorbike friends. There would be a huge gathering for all LC 135 owners. Not only the Perak State region but Penang State and Kedah State region will be there too. I'm so looking for this event. Pray for us to be safe along the journey okay? :) Thank you. 

I think that's all for today. If I have another story to tell, I'll update more :) Take care and byeom! :D Assalamualaikum
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