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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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I Am Back! ^.
Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon dearies :) How are you guys these few days? First and foremost, I would like to apologize for those who asked me whether I private my blog last week. Well, yes I really did. I was in a situation where I don't think I want people to see my blog. I got into a fight with my boy and rather than I wrote something unnecessary, it's better for me to make it private for awhile. But, here I am guys! :D I AM BACK! :D hihi

I think many people would already knew that I've got involve in a fight with my boy. It's all started because of his attitude and lack of attention. Well, I'm terribly sorry and am thank you for all your wishes and moral support to me during my hard time. THANK YOU ^.^

My entry for today is going to be, well of course my date with my boy yesterday. 1 Disember 2012. We were supposed to go  to Teluk Batik but it doesn't make sense if we only wants to go there and be back here in one day. So, he changed it to Lost World Of Tambun. The night before he called me to talk about it. We're both not an 'OTP' couple and even if we do on the phone together, it's going to be very long conversation. For us, we believe meeting face to face and talked is way better than talking on the phone. In fact, if we on the phone everyday, the special umph is not there anymore. It's going to be not special anymore. We talked and discussed for almost 1 hour 15 minutes cause he was out of credit. He didn't purchase any super saver service and just used his normal credit. I know it cost him a lot. But I think it was worth it. Our conversation was really entertaining and we really have a lot to say :) I missed him so much at that time and  only Allah knows how miserable I am for not seeing his face for almost a week. 

The next day which was yesterday, the first day of Disember, we went to Lost World Of Tambun and had so much fun there. At the big swimming pool, we swam together and had a few match of wrestling. We're both even :D Well, I'm not going to be gentle when it comes to competition :p HAHA After that, we walked around and went to have some lunch. We had a Roasted Chicken Rice sold there and it was good but the chicken it not in well state cause there were few bloods in the chicken -,- We went back to the big swimming pool and continue swimming. Yeah~ We like dipping ourselves in the water. We played hold breath in the water game and feet on top of the water game together. It was really a great moment together ^.^ 

In the pool, we talked and he asked me where are we going next. Originally, we wanted to stay there until night for the Hot Spring but then, he suddenly said he wanted to catch some movies. If that is so, I said why don't we go to Jaya Jusco. In fact, we wanted to go to McDonald to grab that prosperity burger! :p That's our favorite! ^.^ After changing our cloths, I suddenly remembered that I didn't bring my make up bag with me. How am I going to go there without anything on my face? But I'm not that worried cause I'm confident with my face, it's just I have few problems with freckles and uneven skin tone where I don't want anybody to see accept HIM! When we reached Jaya Jusco, he took me to Watsons and asked me what are my SOS make up need.  I said it's going to be BB Cream and an eye liner. And then, he asked me to choose which one I want. I choose Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 High Protection BB Cream and Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil. He also bought something for himself which was Gatsby Styling Clay and Mentholatum Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel. He bought the balm cause he's having trouble with his dry, flaky and chapped lips due to weather lately. 

We choosed to watch Sepah The Movie since Lagenda Budak Setan: Katerina still not there yet. Well, the movie was really good and I gave 8 upon 10 for the movie. It's not boring and I could guarantee you wouldn't have time to close your mouth. After the movie ended, we straight away went back home. He sends me back home. Ooh! I forgot to write something. Padini is having a huge sales yesterday and it only lasted 3 days. We went in and he asked me to choose something for him. I didn't choose any cloths from the bin that they stacked lots of cloths in it but I choose the one that hanging on the corner of the store. I choose a black purple plaid shirts for him. It's vintage and suits his new hair ^.^ I like it very much. After that, he asked me to choose for my own. I just picked some shirts from the bin cause I don't want him to spend so much money on me but he didn't allowed me to do so. He went to the women corner and caught his eyes on this Khaki Vintage Cropped Jacket. He asked me to try it on. I tried and he's satisfied with it. But I am not. I looked at the price, it was RM 139.00 and they only offered 50% discount. It's still going to be really expensive. I asked him to buy me something cheaper but he act like he didn't hear me. He went straight to the cashier and pay for everything.

My boy, thank you for the whole of excitement yesterday. I really enjoyed everything. I really am! ^.^ I missed you a lot and I missed you even more when we got into a fight last week. I love you and I'm really sincere with this relationship. I want to be yours and called yours rightfully. I'm tired with people sabotaging our relationship. I know there's still few people holding grudge with the both of us. But what's the point of it? My boy and I don't even care about it :) Soon, after I finished my exam which is another 2 weeks, we both are going to take Pre Marriage Course together and any time sooner after that we're going to hold our engagement ceremony. If Allah wills it, InsyaAllah :) Do pray for us to be always together :) Thank you guys! ^.^
But before that, I wanted to show you guys my attempt on trying doing a smoky eyes from Tanya Burr. I wore my new leopard print shawl which my mom bought. Enjoy! ^.^

I'm wearing the Vintage Cropped Jacket in Khaki, the one he bought for me :)

Awkward smile, duh? -,-

What are you looking at, huh? :p

Smile for me please my dearies :)

What do you want from me?! XD

Aww~ Making Puss In Boots eyes :p HAHAHA

My lips is not that thick but I just don't know when I smiled like that, my lips look thick -______-

Ermmmm, I wondering about something :/

It's blurr but I still want to upload it :p HIHIHI

Aum~ Can I be yours, Muhammad Ashraf? :)

Hey YOU! I LOVE YOU! ^.^

That's all. Do enjoy. Assalamualaikum. Byeom! ^.^
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