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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Thank You Sally Fashion
Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone :) How are you guys? Hope you'll do just fine. Well, today I'm going to tell you about what I've did and bought for the both of us. Us means me and him, of course -______-

Few weeks ago, I managed to find this online shopping store. To be exact, at that moment I'm looking for a cute hoodie sweater. I don't know why I want it so badly but all I know was I gotta have it straight away. I try to search on Facebook, found a good online store with beautiful product but they were from Indonesia. The goods aren't expensive but the shipping rates cost almost the same price of the goods. So, I try to search some more until I found Honestly, the first moment I looked at their website my jaws dropped. I was really shocked with their prices. Like seriously, they were really cheap and affordable. No need to waste so much of time, I just browse everything that they had. Luckily, they has this section called 'Long Shirt'. I think this is appropriate for me cause I need to find cloths that actually cover my aurat well. 

My eyes caught this beautiful long shirt which in pink colour since I like PINK so much ~.~ Wanna see it? Here. 
Pretty right? I straight away order this shirt since I has already fallen in love with it. Then, I kept on searching that 'one' thing. I found it but it was for couple. Suddenly, my brain came across this idea. How about I buy it for the both of us? I'm sure we both gonna look so cute in it :D I picked this couple jacket.
Cute right? Matched exactly the criteria that I'm looking for. The jacket is very cute with an animal theme. In fact, the jacket comes up with an ear and a tail. So cute right? ^.^ Hehe But few days later after they processed my order, I received an email saying that the jacket was out of stock and I need to do a replacement. I was really disappointed but I just try to accept the fact and try to find for something else. Then, I found this jacket.
The jacket has the same criteria but with a different theme. This one is more like an angelic themes cause the jacket has ear like a wing at the side of the hoodie and the side of the pants. Unfortunately, this product was also out of stock. They don't know when will the product going to be restock. I tried to make a new replacement but just select any product in the ready stock list. I picked this jacket which was exactly the same with the jacket up here but they don't have ear or anything. The jacket was like a shirt but with a sweater design. Exactly the same with the picture above except that the jacket don't have zip. And I'm so happy when I saw my order status has already changed from processing to shipped. 

Early this morning, I've received my order. I was really happy. More to excited to be exact :p Haha Immediately, I tore the packaging and see what's inside. Shockingly, the product come exactly the same like in the pictures! I was really impressed! :D I tried the long shirt first. Then, I move on with the couple jacket. OMG! The jacket was really nice! SERIOUSLY NICE! The fabric that they use is really comfortable and look expensive. I wanted to show to you the picture of the jacket but I can't find it on the website anymore. Seems like the jacket has already not available. Like I've bought the last PIECE! :D 

I gave it to him and he was really happy. We went out to McDonald Jalan Kuala Kangsar to have our dinner together. He said that the jacket was really beautiful and doesn't seems like it's only cost RM34.00 for both! No kidding, the jacket only cost me RM34.00 for 2 piece. He said I've always give something that he can actually use and affordable. Things that are given sincerely and didn't bother for a return will always be appreciated. I think all this while I've gave a lot of things to him and all of them are wearable items such as bracelet, t-shirt, photo frame with the picture both of us and many more. I don't think it is suitable to give a diary or a key chain to your boyfriend since they won't understand the use of it. Not the way we wanted. 

Sayang, I know that what I gave to you just now won't be able to compete with the things that you've gave to me all this long. I know you gave me a lot. I gave you that jacket for no reason. You know what type of girl am I right? SO, there won't be any excuse for you not to accept it. Thank you so much cause you're willingly accept my gift to you. And thank you for wearing it straight away at Mcd just now. I was tremendously happy seeing you that excited. Your face lit with enjoyment and I can see it clearly. Thank you for treating me the dinner. Thank you for spending your time with me today. I love you like nothing else in this world. You know how much I love you and how vulnerable I am without you by my side. I want you. I wanna marry you. You're my love light. You're my sunshine. You're my air. You're my oxygen. You're my everything in this world. Before I forget, thank you for already saved RM10,000  for our marriage. Now I'm certain that you're actually serious with me. Thank you so much sayang ^.^ I love you my PORORO :)

That's all peeps. Byeom~

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