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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! :D It's my second post for today and I think I need to write new entry for the moment. Just don't know why :/ Hmm 

Since today I'm going anywhere with him, I took the chance to treat myself a little bit :p Well~ I'm a shopaholic! Seriously am! Whenever I have money in my hands I will go out and buy anything that is interesting to me. So, since I have some money in my pockets and I have some time, I went to Ipoh Parade alone. In fact, I need time to be alone. I was really not in a good mood today. So much of things coming in my mind so I think I need a break. My ibu sent me to Ipoh Parade and told me to call her when I decide to come home.

I walk around the mall and just window shopping first. When I saw something nice, I looked at the price and tried to compare with another store. I was thinking to buy a handbag/tops/jeans. I was really confuse on what should I buy. For the first round, I didn't buy anything. I just walk around. Then, the second time I made up my mind to buy a handbag and a pair of jeans. I'm already imagining on what style would match me the best and will I look good with it. I found this pretty handbag which actually very convenient for me. It wasn't really expensive and I just bought without second thought. The bag was 3 in 1. There are 3 ways you could style the handbag.

First style: Like a mak datin style which you put your arms around it. 
See my model showing you how to style it? :p haha

Second: it can be a sling bag
Like this~ My teddy is so cute right? :D hahaha

Third: like a school bag.
The bag is in peach color and I'm really glad I bought it! :D

After that, I went to buy my jeans. I'm so lucky when they have my size cause it's hard to find jeans which has my size. Then, I suddenly thought of something. I wanted to decorate his laptop so much cause I've seen a few scratch on top of his laptop and I don't want it to be ruined. I went to Skymex and bought Plush Deco Sticker which has the shape exactly like a laptop. Want to see it? Here :p

Awesome right? :D I bought leopard design cause I think it i bisexual. 

I'm hungry so I want to get some snacks. Byeom~

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