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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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I missed him :(
Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone :D How are you guys been doing lately? I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog for quite some time :( I had to cope up with my studies since my exams is just around the corner. I have something to tell before I proceed to the main story. If you guys were reading this, then you guys must know what had happened in my Facebook and Twitter just now. I never really wanted to say something bad about that girl but as you all can see, she starts it first. And how am I supposed to stay calm? I can just ignored when she randomly talks about me without mentioning my name but she? She blatantly wrote my name on her twitter timeline. If she really know how hurt it feels when people look down on her, why can't she put herself in my shoe when she did so. I printscreen what she did and I remove it cause I realized, I shouldn't be doing it. It's wrong and I realized my mistakes instantly. But all she did was kept talking about me on her twitter. Haters gonna hate so I'll try my best to ignore you :) Thanks for all the people who gave me lots of encouragement. I really appreciate all of your sweet words and advices :)

I took this silly photo while waiting for him to pick me up. I was really bored so I snap some photos :p

Okay, moving on to the main story. I missed him? Yeah~ I really missed him. A LOT! I know it has just been a week since our last meeting but this time, it feels like we didn't see each other for a really long time. No jokes. Days goes by really slow and it kills me. Distants really kills me inside :( You guys should understand what I felt right? Hmm Last week we went to Aeon Station 18 for our date location cause he was told by his friend that all the new English movie will only be aired there. That's why we went there but I would say that Aeon Station 18 is not a really good place for teenagers to hang out. It is most likely suitable for people who really wants to shop. That's my opinion. We watched Silent Hill together and experiencing the new cinema was really great. They have 8 rooms and the space to each room was even larger and spacious than in Kinta City. 

Err~ My so-called shocking faces! hahaha :D

We had our lunch at the foodcourt cause both of us didn't have our breakfast and we can't start our day without rice entering our stomach :P That's why we choose that place. After so and so, we went to Mydin Meru Raya cause the main reason we went out that day was to buy some groceries for me. I'm going to take my exam soon and I need to take care of my eating timetable. And not forgetting the good food that I should eat. He's concern about me. That's why he wanted to buy some groceries for me. While shopping, we both looks like a newly wed couple who's first time buying household items. We took everything that we think are appropriate :p haha But it was quite fun tho! :D This is our first time experience together and it's worth it to do so :) Thank you sayang for buying me all of those thing :) I owed you! ^.^ Mmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Few days ago, I received some shocking news about him! My hubby was involved in an accidents!!!!! :( I was really shocked and I thought he was just pulling my legs but he isn't. It was true :( I felt really guilty and worse, I can't do anything for him. Due to the boundary that we have, there's nothing much that I can do. I felt hopeless. Really am :'( He was badly injured. Most of her right legs were all damage. His bike got bumped into a car's door which the car was going to turn but late giving the signal. He was speeding and can't brake immediately. I can feel the pain that he's enduring right now. I just wished he could share the pain with me :( I felt even more worse when this thing happen after he said those words to me during our shopping at Mydin. He said 'biar daddy sakit asalkan mummy tak sakit'. I thought it was just some sweet talks from him but Allah knows well. Everything happens in a blink of an eyes.

Because of his injury, we can't go out for a date this upcoming weekend. I guess :/ Cause after talking and discussing, he's making his effort to go back to Tapah and took his motor back here. In fact, he already gave me a hint that he's strong enough to walk out with me. I won't force him if he's not able to do so. I totally understand his situation. Sayang, I really missed you :( I miss you so much. There's no words for me to describes how vulnerable I am when I can't help you. You always helped me when I'm in trouble but for you? I can't do anything. I feel useless. My friend said if I can't take care of you physically, then I should take care of you mentally. I should go very easy on you. Shouldn't cause you any trouble. I'm trying my best sayang :) Dear, tomorrow I'll cook your favorite dish and send it to your house. Make sure you're at home okay :) I love you sayang :*

 I was really bored just now. I took my make up kit and start to paint on my face. Took some pictures and here it is :D haha I'm so cute right? hahaha I know, tell me something that I don't know :p hihi

I bring laptop to school the other day cause I need to do some preferences but I was really bored reading the long texts and so, I took photo using this laptop webcam. See? My bored and sad face thinking about the upcoming exams :D hahahhahaha

I guess that's all for now :) If I have free time, I'll update more. Assalamualaikum!

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