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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Date isn't defining the moments.
Assalamualaikum and Ahoy my salty biscuit sailor! How are you? Okay, I'm in the mood of typing right now so you guys are going to be serve with my new entry HAHA :D I'm going to write about what happened yesterday.

[10/11/12] What a nice date right? I never even realized until my hubby told me about the reason of this date. I did saw people updating status about this date and tweeting about it but I can't catch the meanings behind it. So, there is something special happened to us yesterday that makes this date even special. Our date wasn't planned very well. We went out yesterday because we used to go out every week spending our moments together. So, it's like a must for us except for something that can't be avoided. 

He took me to Jaya Jusco yesterday cause we were traumatized to go Station 18. We both could die due to boredom there -_________- That's why he decide to go to Jaya Jusco and after that Ipoh Parade. We went to Jaya Jusco first cause we wanted to buy the movie ticket. We both decided to watch Skyfall and Budak Pailang. We bought Skyfall for 6.20pm and Budak Pailang for 10pm. After that, we went to have our lunch at foodcourt. My stomach couldn't tolerate with any western food if I didn't eat anything since morning. That's why we went there. Because of he can't walk properly, I was the 'MAN' yesterday. I do all the things that he used to do it for me. I was the one who ordered for the food, bring the food to the table and took all the necessity. Now I know how hard to pleased a girl since I treat him like it yesterday :p HAHA I'm not whining or anything. I just feel happy because I had the chance to took care of him when he's not capable to do anything. I took everything seriously yesterday like what food can he eat and what he can't. 

After that, we went to Ipoh Parade. We walked there and rest at the bench for awhile cause he can't walked anymore. His foot soared. I feel sympathy but I can't do anything about it. I just can chill him for a bit and try to cheer him and let the pain go away. We didn't do much and we went back to Jaya Jusco. Watch the movie. And we realized something. We really can't stand the coldness inside the movie hall.  Then he decided to buy a blanket. Suddenly I remember something. Dugeun~ Dugeun~ We were going to be like a korean couple! Usually, korean couple bought a blanket when entering the movie hall. They also can't stand the low temperature and it's going to be a really romantic action to do that. He asked me to choose what color do I like. Of course it's going to be PINK! :D He paid for the blanket and let me unwrapped the packaging and fold in onto my arms. Like what korean couple did :P hehe Here it is! :D

Pretty right? And that two square white thing is our movie ticket. 

After both movie has ended we went to Gerbang Malam cause he wants to buy a bag for him. He's going out for a convoy with his friend today so he needs a bag to carry all of his thing. We did find it and he's happy with it. Then he bought something for me. He bought for me something that I've been searching long time ago. A MOUSTACHE NECKLACE! :D Finally, I got one! It's white and gold in color. I'm so happy! :D Thank you sayang! Then, the rain starts to fall and my stomach's growling for food. We headed to Vanggey Greentown. He meet his friend in LCCPK. We sat near to them. After having our supper and the rain has stopped, we headed home. When we're finally at my home, he whispered something to me. He said all of his friend said I was pretty and cute. He's not happy with it. I can see that he's jealous :p OMO! Kyeopta! ^.^ He said he swear not to bring me there anymore. HAHA What a funny phrase right? :p 

In conclusion, I know you think that my date wasn't that special like I've told but for me, I'm the one who experienced it so I know exactly what it has felt. I'm happy with him. I just know he's the one. I know there is a few people who's praying for us to split up cause they said I'm the one who stole him away. You guys know that Allah will punish those people who has wronged HIM right? I know I'm on the right side. I don't care what people want to say, as long as I'm happy with my life nothing can bring me down. I'm a strong girl and I believe Allah's with me whenever I need HIM. 

I believe I was made from Ashraf's ribs. I know he's the one. But I'll leave it to Allah to decide everything. I'll keep praying and wishing for him to be the one who's going to live with me until my last breath. And I hope he's the one who's going to guide me to Jannah. Amin. Do pray for us okay? Thank you ^.^ That's all. Assalamualaikum
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