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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Barbie In Hijab
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear followers and readers! ^.^ What's up? I'm so bored right now and I think this is the best way for me to cast away my ultimate boredom :D Usually I do my revision during the night cause during the day, my eyes are easily sleepy. And I often got headache each time I tried to study during the day. Due to boredom, I tried new makeup style. I tried barbie makeup style cause I wonder how am I going to look like if I'm in that style.

So, I took out all of my makeup stuff and start painting on my face. I really like makeup. Like really in love with it. Makeup is actually boosting my confidence. That doesn't mean that I'm not natural and doesn't appreciate what Allah has gave to me. I like makeup as my hobby and the result really make me happy. Anything that make me happy would be in my A list :) After putting makeup here and there, I took some photos. Well, obviously I'm a camera freak! It would be really odd if you won't see any of my photos when I'm trying something new. I'm making so-called-to-be cute and gyaru pose :p Hope you won't run away seeing my annoying face. If you don't like me and just stalking me, it's better for you to just go away from here. Cause everything that I wrote and show to you will only received some harsh words coming out from your mouth. Enough with it and we'll just proceed to the photos! :D

Perasan come nih :p

Siap cekak pinggang lagi tu walaupun tengah bersimpuh :D

Erm~ Garangnya muka barbie in hijab nih ^.^

Look into my eyes and you'll fall in love with me! ^3^

Wondering what pose should I do? :/


Round round round! Merry go round! :D


Aum~ Aum I'm falling in love with you my baby Ash :3

Why are you leaving me all alone here? :( I missed you :'(

Erm~ Missy professie :p




Aucak! HighFIVE! :D

OH yeay! I'm so HAPPY!!!!!! ^O^

You shocked me with you love dear ASH! ^//^

I'm sulking with you! :p hikhik

There you go! My silly barbie in hijab attempt! How was it? Nice or bad? Do comment this entry if you have anything to say! :D Thank you! That's all for today! I love Muhammad Ashraf! Muah Muah! :*

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