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Romantic Day Trip To Zoo Taiping~
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo! ^.^ As I promised yesterday, I'm going to tell you guys about my date today :3 Hihi Like what I've expected, my date today was really awesome! ^.^ Aigoo~ I can't even express my true feelings about what I've felt but overall, I'm tremendously happy! :D

Okay, we start our journey early in the morning since we wanted to go a lot of places in Taiping. At 10am, we went out and by 11am we've already in Taiping. We straight away go to Taman Tasik Taiping cause the place which we wanted to go was near there. After parked the motor, my hubby bought the ticket to enter the zoo. When we enter, there were a few options for us to tour the whole zoo. It is whether you took the tram or just by walking your own. We decided to walk by our own self. This is because if we took the tram, it's going to be a really short journey and we can't even spend the moment really well. So, we start to walk around and we pass by a few animals. 

I'm happy cause I made the decision to walk cause there were lots of things that we can't do if we took the tram. In fact, the tram didn't even stop at every animal that they passed. We cracks jokes towards each other and we make fun of each other. That was an incredibly awesome moment cause I just know it's going to be a moment that can't be measured with money :) There were few sweet moment happened! ^.^ Since it was a really hot day, I bought umbrella and he was gentleman enough to hold the umbrella for the both of us! ^.^ Sweet right? :p hihi After walking and passing by a bunch of animals, we decided to rest for awhile. We were in front of the zebras and ostriches cage at that time. They've provided a bench for tourist to sit along the walks. We inhale and exhale for a bit cause we were really exhausted. Then, we took a few photos there. He took mine and I took his. So, here are our photos together :)

Even though the weather was really hot but I'm still with my selca pose :P hahaha

My hubby and me ^.^

Omo~ He looks extremely handsome in this pic :D

Aigoo~ I look so pretty and he's so handsome! :3 hahaha

Me alone ^.^ Any comment? My style was really simple and I didn't put any makeup on, just powder on my face cause I know everything will only be a wasted under the hot sun -_________-

Peace! (Y) This pose makes my legs looks extremely long :P hikhik

Hubby! Please sit properly! >.<

Aigoo~ Handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^3^

Peace peace! :D

His own selca :) I was busy playing with my phone :P

Since we're at the zoo and this place is better known among the kids, so it wouldn't be awkward if I do this pose right? :p hikhik

At my back, there were a cage for love birds. I didn't even know this animal existed until just now ~.~

Again and again, my peace pose -______________- hahahahha

After that, we start to walk again until the end of the journey. The last animal that we passed by was an elephant. We were really lucky cause the time we passed by, they were about to be fed. I gain experience looking at how they ate. Then, we went to Taiping Sentral to have something to eat. We ate at McDonald there but sadly, there were lacking of sitting places in the restaurant that actually air-conditioned. We had to sit outside -____-  After done eating, we set our journey back home. 

As a conclusion, our date today was really amazing! ^.^ Thank you sayang cause you know exactly how to entertain me and keep me happy everytime. You're my everything sayang. I love you so much ^.^ Those people can say anything that they wanted to say but nothing's going to ruin our relationship unless Allah has something better for the both of us. Thank you Allah cause you gave to me this man to keep me company. I really appreciate what I have. I know there's still people talking about me and accusing me so much thing. I won't care and I don't think it would affect my life. They're just lifeless :) That's all. Byeom! 


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