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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Night To Be Remember
Assalamualaikum! Hi! Annyeonghaseyo! Whats up guys?! :D I missed all of you terribly. It has been awhile since my last update huh? :/ I received few messages from a friends, asking why didn't I posting any new entry for my blog. I'm so sorry cause I don't have time to post any new entry for the last few weeks/months. I'm now busy with my last minute preparation before my big examination starts. Sorry okay guys :)

Well well well, I have a lots of thing to be written until I became clueless. Which one should I told you guys first? There's a lot of things happened to me and I don't know which one to starts first. Maybe for tonight, I will just share with you about my date just now with him :3

Okay, it wasn't planned at all. He came to my house this evening to send his laptop to me. He lends me his laptop so that I can study for my STPM. How considerate right? I know :D Thank you sayang! Then, he asked me to go out later night. Dinner with him at Pizza Hut. Me and him will always go to Pizza Hut each time they promote new flavor of their pizzas. This time, we're going to taster the ultimate Cheesy 7! :D At first, I thought he would only bring me to the usual spots of Pizza Hut branch near The Store. But the route that he chooses wasn't going to that place instead its directing to Jaya Jusco. 

Ohh, I thought maybe he wanted to dine inside that building but I was wrong. He wanted to watch some movie. He wanted to watch Paranormal Activity but the movie still didn't out yet. Luckily, there was one horror movie called Sinister. We chooses that movie, bought the ticket and then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. While waiting for our food to be served, we took few pictures. Here it is :)

Look at my face and his face! Cute right? hahahahahha XD We were really excited to taste the pizza since we're really hungry! :D Once the food came, we waited no longer. The pizza was really awesome and superb. It would be a recommendation for you all to try it. We still have another 30 min before the movie starts so we walked around. As usual, we will go to the toys section looking for gundam. I really don't mind since its his passion. He didn't buy anything and we just went up to watch the movie. As a review, the movie was incredibly awesome and fantastic! You guys should watch it to believe it! :D

After all, the date wasn't long and appropriate but I just know that every second we both spend together it will and for sure become a great memory for us. Especially to me :) I thank him for today's memories. I'll keep it in my mind. Always. Dear hubby, you know how much I love you and how miserably I am without you. We always fought but in the end, we still together. Thank you sayang :) Allah has always be my eternal love but you are my forever love. I love you sincerely from the bottom of  my heart. Mmmmmuuuuuuaaaaaahhh! Love ya! Bye~
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