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1 year & 7 months anniversary
Assalamualaikum and Hi my darlings earthlings! How are your Monday? Good? I hope you guys are doing just fine. My Monday has always been with the blues. I hate monday so much. Like very much ~.~ Duhh~ Okay, that's not the point for my entry today. My story for today's about my anniversary with him! 

Ohmy~ Who would believe that our complicated relationship that started really rough and wasn't expected has reached till this moment, which is today! Officially, today's 22 October 2012. Our 1 year and 7 months anniversary together. I've never expected it would last this long. You guys should know very well, what has we both been through all these year and months. All those accusation that I've been living with, all the hatred and bad words thrown towards me, I thank Allah for the blessings and patience that has been rewarded to me. Thank you Ya Allah. 

People always said that if you're in the right place, Allah will reward you with so much of things that you wouldn't have thought before. So many strangers accused me of being a slut, a whore or in fact a relationship ruiner. Most accurately, they called me as a third person in a relationship. I've always fought on that statement until one day, I've became tired to do so and I let Allah judge and show the right thing. People, if I am at the wrong position Allah wouldn't let this relationship to be this long. I know it's nothing to be compared with those 4 years of him but he's the one who admits to me that all those 4 years he has been sharing his life with her was empty. It was nothing. Nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be remembered actually. I wouldn't say this to stand up my position but I just told you what's right.

Those haters who said that my relationship will endure the same situation like what I've did to hers, that thing never actually happened. Well~ There are a few situation same like it but it was all a misunderstanding. You guys will for sure said that the time hasn't come. Honestly, I'm waiting for that day to come but never did. Gosh! Enough with this craps~

Baby, do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I need you? And do you actually know how important you are to me? I can't express a words of every feelings that I felt for you here, but I just wanted for you to know that I will always be by your side in every situation that we're having. You know that my promises are true and I'll never broke one of it. 1 year and 7 months isn't that long actually but we've known each other very well. I know you from the very inside out, so do you right? We shared everything together. All the pain and cries, we faced it together. Memories between us. Countless. Priceless. That's the only words I could find for ours.

We never got bored with each other even though we met everyday. I would never got bored seeing your face in front of me. I'm certain with that. Sayang, do you still remember our camping to Teluk Batik last few weeks? It was a great experience for me. It showed to us that we really matched each other very well. You were supposed to be in charged to build up the tent but I helped you like a wife should be helping her husband. I still remember those looks you gave to me when you saw my fresh face after bath in the morning. You said I was really beautiful. Do you know what I felt? I felt like finally, that someone who supposed to see  my inner beauty has come. You're the chosen one. I thank Allah again for meeting us together. I love you for who you really are. We complete each other. By saying that, I'm really am certain with it. After what we've been through together almost this 1 year and 7 months, I can really assume it that way. I'm the one that is easily pissed off but you're the opposite. You're calm in handling things and situations but I'm the opposite. There are more, I just can't listed out here. 

I want you to know that I'm ready to be the one who take care of your well-being each day and I'm totally ready to lend you my shoulders when you have problems. I really love you my pororo and I'll never get bored telling you all this :)


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