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The Awesome Date
Hi and Assalamualaikum dearies :) How are you guys? Hope you all in the pink of health and living the life of your own. Today's entry is about my date with my hubby last Sunday. It was a very awesome date despite during the early date we fought a little bit.

To be honest, it wasn't just a bit but a huge fight. Everything starts when he pissing me by facebooking while he was driving that motor. To me, it was a really dangerous thing to do. Once we reached Jaya Jusco, we seems to acts really strange with one another. Im doing my own business and he's trying to cope up with my speed as I walked pretty fast at time. After purchasing the movie ticket, we went to the rooftop trying to solve everything. The discussion turned bad when he starts to bangs the generators room door. It was all over the place. For quite sometime, we're seems to be just fine. Seriously, it's like a magic.

After that, we went to Pizza Hut near The Store to have our lunch. The date starts to blooms here. We ordered and while waiting for our pizza ready to serve, we talked for awhile. It was like nothing happened before that. We ate while talking and after both stomach were full, we moved to Greentown Mall cause he really wanted to buy some tudung for me. I was really happy seeing his action. We went to the tudung stalls and he choosed it for me. He choosed a blue black tudung with a polkadots patterns on it. It was a really nice tudung. Thank you honey (≥3≤)

Later, we went back to Jaya Jusco as the movie were about to start. We watched Resident Evil that day. He's the one who choosed that movie. I was okay with his choice. After the movie ended, we went to Dataran Ipoh as the time was still early. My ibu said that it's going to be a few performances there but as I seen it, there was none. Maybe we were to early for the show to start. Then, we came across some annoying people. We bumped into that Alien's dad stand looking at stage with her sister. Then. my hubby need to go to the bathroom and I just followed him. I waited for him outside and few minutes later I saw that Alien with her mom and big sister. They went into the bathroom and I'm not interested to know what they do inside there. What I'm more interested was her hideous hairstyle. What's up with that hair pulling at the back? I thought you claimed to have a bang doesn't it? Where did it gone to? I know you're trying to look very relax but that hairstyle doesn't suit you, y'know? You have a very big forehead and by exposing it, will only makes you look very ugly. And plus, you were really fat to wear that tight jeans. And didn't your mum has better cloths to wear beside that pink blouse? Err ←_← Forget it. You guys isn't that good at all and now I'm fucking sure with it.

Back to the story, after he went out from the bathroom I told him what I'd saw just now. He was also admit that she really have that hideous JENDOL forehead. We laugh and laughed. After that, we went across the street to see what they're selling over that. It was like a mini Gerbang Malam there. And he bought me to this tudung stalls and asked me to choosed which one I want to buy. I was really blank and I asked him to choose for me. He choosed a very beautiful yellow bawal tudung for me. Thank you again sayang :)

Then, we went to Vanggey to have some dinner and few minutes later we're already at Gerbang Malam. He wants to buy some shorts and a few shirt before going back home. This time, he wants me to choose for him. I can't say no this time so I tried to choose the best for him. I picked 2 design for the shorts and luckily he likes it. He can't even decide which one to choose and so he bought both! After that, we were looking a shirt for him. And I had to choose for him once again. I tried my best and I found 2 stunning shirt and I showed to him. Same like before, he can't decide which one so he bought both. Ultimately, our date ends after that.

I'm happy each time I went out with him. He really knows to make me happy. That alien sure does prayed for us to split up but Allah still wants us together. In fact. she's the one who has been struggling to find someone who can appreciate her. Well. I prayed the best for you. Last word, I love you so much Muhammad Ashraf ⊙ω⊙

Byeeeeee (╯3╰)

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