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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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The Full Story! ^.^
Hi my wobbly bubbly jelly belly bobby beanz! How are you guys been doing these days? Pheuw! It's the second last day of Ramadhan! Time flies really fast doesn't it? How are your raya preparation been going on? Good? Have you guys bought your kurung or melayu? Raya shoes? And everything? I hope you guys won't do a last minute shopping cause it's not good and in fact the choices aren't nice at all. As for me, my raya preparation were all set up yesterday :) This year, my ibu doesn't need to prepare so much money on me cause my hubby has already set aside some money for me. He's the one who bought me everything for my raya's need. Thank you hubby :) At last, I get the chance to wear the same raya outfit with him!! XD It was few weeks ago where we went to Gene Martino together and bought a couple set of Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung. Well, the outfit wasn't called as couple but since it was made for husband and wife, I just assume it like that. Our raya theme for this year is BLUE! The same theme like his family. My family is having a batik theme and it's gold in color. I'm so excited to celebrate my raya this year. Oops! I forgot to mention about my raya shoes! It wasn't called as a shoe but more to heels. I was aiming at this one heel for a really long time and one day I bought him to that store just to asked for his opinion about that heel. He liked it as the heels suits me and make my leg look very long. Okay, I was really happy to hear what he said. Shockingly, he asked me to find the right pair for my size and then he just took it to the counter and bought it. I can't even stop him at that time cause I was in shocked. The shoe cost him RM138.90 and he bought it with much pleasure. I was damn happy!! XD Thank you so much sayang :) And our raya outfit cost RM300.00 for both. Seriously, I didn't expect all this from him. A really big thanks for my hubby ^.^ 

Okay, the purpose of this entry wasn't about the raya preparation. It's more to the continuation of my trip to Langkawi 3 weeks ago. The story goes like this. He was planning to bring me on a vacation but he's not sure when, so we just planning about the places we might want to go together. After all the discussion, we came across to go to Langkawi. Since I've only been there once and he never did, we agreed to go there. I can't remember when but he finally making his decision to work out the plan during the weekends on the Nuzul Quran's holiday. He asked me to bought the train ticket to Alor Setar. We were so lucky cause the ticket on going and coming back was still available for both us. I bought it and just wait for the weekends to come. Our journey starts on that Friday mornight where our train are scheduled to move at 12:42am. We were supposed to break fast together that evening but I don't know what he was doing, he arrived at my house at 10pm. I was really furious with him and it cause us a small fight. But we didn't fought for long due to the excitement of the journey, we came back to reality. We booked a taxi to go to KTM Railway Station that night and the taxi will come straight to my house. He parked his motor at my house and when the taxi arrived, off we go. Soon after we reached there, we find a place to wait cause the train are coming after half an hour. While we were talking, he suddenly grabbed his bag and bought something out from the bag. It was a black box. I didn't questioned him what box was it but suddenly he gave it to me and say "Happy Birthday sayang, ni hadiah hari jadi mummy :)". Then, I rolled my eyes to that box and I saw the Blackberry sign. My heart pumps so hard until I can't even breath. When I open the box, it was IT. It was the Blackberry phone!! I was tremendously happy!! He bought me a new phone! He bought me a Pearlish Blackberry Curve 8520. Let me show you the photo of my new phone ^.^
It is a limited edition colour! Thank you so much sayang! I will take care of the phone very very very carefull.Okay, moving on. The journey to Alor Setar took us 7 hours and we were really tired until we went asleep in it. It was really romantic when I slept on his lap and he take off his jacket for me :3 Then, when we arrived we took a taxi to go to the jetty. At the jetty, we were so lucky cause we bumped into someone who can handle our needs in Langkawi. He managed all of our hotels, activity and many more. 
I took this photo while he was dealing with the travel agency. Look at my face and my eyes, didn't get enough sleep aite? -,-

After we bought the ferry ticket, we wait for awhile and when the ferry arrived, we went in to find our seats. The journey took us 1 hour and so we decide to continue sleep since we were really tired. Soon we reached Langkawi, we took a taxi and asked him to take us to our hotel which was Aseania
Swimming pool
Hotel exterior
And the hotel lobby. 
We were really satisfied with the hotel. When we arrived, we were greeted by the doorman and asked us to register. I let him do all the stuff and I sat at the sofa in the lobby. When everything is settled, we went to our rooms and freshen up a little bit. We didn't do much that day cause we were really tired and so we just went to the Bazar Ramadhan at Pekan Kuah. Before that, we went to Underwater world. The admission fees cost him RM56.00. Here are the photos we manage to take there.
Lepaking for a while at the lobby before went out.
Lots of fish huh? :)
Smile SYAMA smile! :D The weather was extremely hot until I had to buy one of this summer hat.

I look like a kid huh?
Pingu!! So cute!! ^.^

In front of Underwater world. Looking for taxi to go to Pekan Kuah.
He's so cute right?!!!
 We break fast in the hotel room. At night, we went out and tour all around the nearby. Everyone thought we were a married couple from Philippines and so they constantly speaks in English with us. I was okay with it and so does him. Walking across some kiosk, I saw this stunning beach dress that I can wear for our hoping island activity on the next day. I showed to him and he bought one for me. He also bought himself a new pair of shirt that he can wear the next day. That night, we just went to sleep cause we need to wake up super early cause the activity start in the morning. I wake him up one hour before our activity. After washed up, we waited for the van at the lobby. When the van arrived, our journey begins. We reached at the main stop of the hoping island and we were given a sticker to identify all of us. I guess we were the only Malays there and most of them were tourist from all over the world. The first island that we went was the Tasik Dayang Bunting. The island views was really awesome and nice. The surrounding was really quite and peaceful. I took some photos there. Let me show you okay? :) 
Inside the hotel room. The face of excitement! hahaha
I look so skinny in this pic you know -,-
In the boat. I'm not wearing any make up and so my face look a little pale.
The views of the ocean.
Us! Inside the Tasik Dayang Bunting.
Look at his smile! He's so cute!! I love you honey boo! ^3^
Cutie me! XD hahaha
The views of Tasik Dayang Bunting from inside.
I like the views of this place :)
Me :)
My candy heart :D
Why the hell I posed like this?!!
My handsome Bruno Mars!!!! XD
hihi XP

Next, we went to Eagle Feeding Island. I didn't manage to catch any photos cause the bird was really far away from our boat. But to be honest, the birds were really huge!! No jokes guys! XO Then, we went to the island for us to bath. Since we were fasting, we didn't bath there and only sits around looking at the tourist who's enjoying themselves there. Our activity ends after that. We went back to the hotel to take some rest and then in the evening, we took a taxi to go to Pekan Kuah again to shop for some chocolates. Before that, we went to Matchincang Cable Car. It was quite far from our hotel, so he had to call for a taxi. soon after we reached there, he bought the cable car ticket for us. The ticket cost RM44.00 for both. I'm very scared with heigt and so I held his arm very tightly. We took some photos there.
Just before we took the cable car.
On top of the Matchincang mountain.

The views were really amazing. we were planning to wait until the sun set to watch the sunset together but sadly, we have better plan to do. so we went down and took a taxi to Pekan Kuah.
We went to Haji Ismail Group but the store was already about to close and so we have to rushed picking the chocolates. He told me to take anything that I want' no need to look at the price. Just take everything. WE took a lot and all of them cost nearly RM250.00. Here are the photo of the chocolate soon after we hit the hotel room.
Look at all the chocolates! Very tempting doesn't it?!! XD 
My tired face after all the activity. Our journey ends right here. We packed our bags in the night cause we had to move out before 12 o'clock on the next day. That day, we break our fast at the McDonald's nearby and hangout for quite sometime. Around 11pm, we went back to the hotel and doz off! To be honest, I had a fantastic time with hi on our vacation together. He spend almost RM1500 for our vacation. I thanked him so much for giving me this kind of experience. I love you so much sayang. During our vacation, I realised that I really love you and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be your wife like you claimed. Fo your information, he's no longer introduced me as his girlfriend in front of his friend.He told hem that I'm his 'orang rumah' In Malays tradition, 'Orang rumah' means wife. I'm so happy with his statement :) This is my story for our vacation. Thanks for reading this. Bye :*

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