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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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Happy Anniversary! ^.^
Halo Halo? Is anyone there? :P Hahaha Good mornight you guys! My fingers are trembling cause I really want to write something in my blog right now. I have no idea just now but after I logged in my Facebook account, suddenly ideas rushes in my mind! My story for my entry right now is about my 1 year and 5 months anniversary with my lovely hubby :)

Who would have thought this relationship will last until now? I myself am very shocked with this but nothing is impossible right? Memories suddenly flashed in my mind. Hubby, do you know why I love you so much? I really can't explain what I felt for you. It's just you're special. You make me happy even though you're doing nothing. Whatever you do and whatever you said, will always soothes me. It calms me. Each time I saw your face, it gave me some comfort and pleasure. Now, I'm very certain that you really love me. You always said that if you don't love me, you won't spend so much money on me and you won't bring me anywhere. Yeah, now I realised. You never bring her anywhere she wants to go like me right? You never bought her in a car like she used to asked you right? You really never bought anything nice for her right? Apart from that she always asked you to topup for her and promised to pay back but she never really did. You told me that you guys had to used both sides money when you go out together. I never had to use my money when I'm with you. You paid everything for me. If you don't love me, sure you won't do it right? Okay hunny, I know you love me.

Guys, have you ever felt something strange in you when you met someone? That kind of feeling when you're facing someone special. Even though you've seen him like more than a thousands of times but the feelings never fades away. I've always had that kind of feeling when I met him. Each and every time I deal with him, I feel safe. I feel sudden comfort and tenderness. The surrounding feels warm and calming. That's why I love meeting him. It would be enough if I can see him one time per day. It would made my whole day :) I love him. I really do. Strangely, he had showed to me his worst attitude that breaks my principle in life but I ignore it and accept him for who he really are. Maybe, that's called LOVE. When you're in love, nothing can separate you except deaths and destiny. We might not know who we are destined with but all we can do is work hard and pray. The rest, we leave it for Allah to judge. He has also seen the worst side of me but he can still accept me for who I am. He never complained but there were times when we had to fight. Mostly, the fight starts from me. Well, I have insecurities in me. Yeah, I got jealous when I saw him around his girls friends. I couldn't really helped it cause we had a history when he lied to me. I tried to erase all the bad memories away but as you all know, once someone broke your trust on them you can't never really trust them back. You still can but it's hard.

Our love journey went so many things. Mostly with that alien thing. We tried to ignore it but sometimes she just went crossed the line and because of her, we fought. But it won't be long until I came back to reality when I realise this must be part of her plan to separates us. Her mission is to see us separate. Not a chance girl :) I still remember when she said she wants me to knee upon her feet and begged. Dear God! Who the heck are you to me to knee upon you?! I only kneed when I'm worshipping my Allah. You don't deserve my respect. So does your mother. You guys can go to hell. Nuff said about this two aliens. Back to the story. When we fought, we fought really hard. I mean we really had a fight. It's normal to have those fights cause relationships won't be interesting without this right? But don't fight so often cause it might damage your relationship. 

Last week we had a fight and I think this is the biggest fight we ever had after 1 year and a few months together. I can't even remember reasons why we fought but it was really horrible until I changed my relationship status in Facebook into single. Before this, I would never change my status even when we had a fight but this time, the fight cause me to do so. The status stays until tonight. We have reconcile last weekend but I forgot to change back. Today only I got the chance cause he suddenly reminds me about it. He was really furious when he found out I changed the status. He wants me to changed back so I change it. There! We're married again :) 22 March 2012 is a very special date for us. We celebrate the date in each month to remember everything that we've been through together. 

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else and I'm you girlfriend that won't ever let you go. I'll always keep you in my arm tightly. I love you in every breath that I held in and I miss you in every breath that held out. You were my air. You were my sunshine. You keep me alive. I thank Allah for sending to me this beautiful creation of HIS. I appreciate everything that you do for me and I thank you for all the sacrifices you've did to me. SayangSTPM exam okay? Then we'll proceed with our marriage plan. I'm so thankful when your mak and abah has finally approved our marriage. I know you're working your ass off to collect money for our wedding. I'll help you later when I finish my study okay sayang? I don't mind marrying so early cause I believe in Allah's plan and Insya-Allah I can still further my studies after I become your rightful wife. We'll create our own love story by then. I love you Muhammad Ashraf :* I miss you so much right now *smooch*

That's all guys :) Thanks for reading! Good Day! ^.^
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