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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Photoshoot World
Hello my chocomallow punchy munchies! How are you guys? As like what I've promised, I'm going to comtinue what I've stopped before. Okay, the story begun! ^.^ Few weeks ago, I add some friends in Facebook randomly at the friends suggestion section. Little did I know, I accidently add SintaRo Mohd Zain which was one of the photographer for the group of Ipoh Photographer and Talent. I didn't care much when he accepted my friend request. But one day which was last week, on Saturday night, he suddenly asked my phone number. At first, I'm very sceptical and I asked for what. He told me that the next day, he's doing an outing photoshoot and he offered me to joined. Well, I'm excited but at the same time I'm scared if it's going to end up like last time. I just follow my guts and went to the photoshoot. Luckily, the photoshoot went very went. The outing was held at Eco Park, Taman Botani. The theme for that day was Pre-Raya. I wore my own wardrobe and I choose my favorite kurung :) I'm not sure whether it suits or not.

We started the photoshoot at 10am after touch up our face. I thought it was just going to be one photographer and a make up artist but I was totally wronged! There were more than 30 photographer and more than 5 make up artist. It was a big event. It was my first time joining this event. I'm very happy. ^.^ Then, we were split up into groups. I got the same group with Loly Muchie whon I met that day and our photographer was Akid Berexperimenitasi, Ali Fakhrullah and I don't know the other one name. Sorry :p

It was really awkward at first but after taking few shots, I feel comfortable and starts to show my ability. They were really shocked when I told them it was my first time. They thought I'ma professional since I'm clever to show some poses. After one hour, we rest for awhile but not for long, suddenly a bunch of photographer approached me and asked to take some shots of me. I just agreed cause I don't know how to give excuses. I manage to give my very best eventhough I was really tired ~.~ Soon after, the event end. I thought we're done but suddenly Sintaro wanted to shoot the remaining talent who he'll send back home. WE just agreed. ERma Tajiiema which was one of the pro talent suggested us to go to Iskandar Polo. Sintaro agreed. The place was really nice. This time, the photographer who's involved was Sintaro, Wan Dv, Ben Zonan Sniper, Kayif and few others whom I don't know the name. We really enjoy this time shooting cause we're not bound with any theme. We just do freestyle pose. These are the results. Sorry if I'm not that pretty to be a talent. I don't care. I'm satisfied cause I got to do the things that I really loved. My hubby support me and he really proud with me :)

Outing Pre-Raya at Eco Park, Taman Botani.
Photog: Pahlawan Rusa
MUA: Make-up's Teha
Talent: Syama Hasni

Photog: Muhammad Afham
MUA: Make-up's Teha
Talent: Syama Hasni & Loly Muchie

These are all the other talents and make-up artist. That day, Make-up's Teha help to touch up my face. She're really good!

Photog: Sintaro Mohd Zain
MUA: Make-up's Teha
Talent: Syama Hasni

Photog: Ahmad Syakir
MUA: Make-up's Teha
Talent: Syama Hasni

I love this angle! ^_^

She's pretty right? :)

While I was shooting this photos, there were 6 photographer taking my photos at once! I was really confused ~.~

Here we are all together :)

The theme was pre-raya and I don't know what the hell were we talking about --'

Hee :p

Taken by 'Adik' Kayif --' Btw he's not adik actually. He tease me cause I'm too young for my age. Duh!

I don't know that sis name but she's pretty right? ^.^


WE ALL! ^_^

Taken by Akid and he's the first one who uploaded my photo in the group! :)

These photograph were taken by different photographer. Their work may be vary but they're the best! ^.^
Here are my stand alone photoshoot on Monday evening at Gunung Lang.

Taken by Sintaro. He's the one who conducted my pose. :D

This one was taken by Hamzah Kumas. I just randomly do this pose. Luckily, he manage to snap it. Btw he said, this photo come straight from the camera. He didn't edit anything.

I like this one also! :D

Taken by Hamzah Kumas again :)

He's again :D haha

He also! :P

Taken by Wan Dv. He's good! :D

Last photo from Hamzah Kumas :)

All the photographer still editing my photos. I'll update more soon. Thanks for reading :)
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