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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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My Weekend :l
Hello bello my cheesylicious crispy wispy pizza eating bear dollies! ^.^ How are you guys? Fine? I hope you are. As for me, I'm totally fine. Well, my life is incredibly awesome right now. I can't describe what I felt. It seems like I've been given back my normal like before. Thank you Allah :) I'm blessed! This weekend I'm not going anywhere cause my hubby need to attend some courses in Bangi AGAIN! What a bummer right? Yeah, I know and I'm a little bit frustrated right now. Gosh! I just need to calm myself down a little bit. This is for our own future. I have to give him some chance. Okay :) Nuff said! Today, I'm going to talk randomly about me.

Honestly speaking, not many people know about me very well. Even my best friend don't know about me cause I'm more to a private people. I don't like sharing my privacy to the public but I think it's time for me to share a little bit of who I really am. Let's begin! ^.^ As you all know, my name is Nur Syahmah Binti Shamsul Hasni. I was born on 31st July 1993. I'm a petite little girl since I was born until now. I don't mind having this type of body because this is what Allah gave to me. I thanked HIM. My name was given my grandfather and grandmother on my father's side. They're all excited having me as their grandchildren as I'm their first grandchild. My grandfather and grandmother are the principal of two different schools in Alor Setar. They're both retired now and my grandfather currently running his own company there. They really love me until they already inherit their possession to me. Right now, I own a house in Bukit Mertajam. I don't know what to do with that house since I'm still schooling so I let my uncle handle it. All of my father's sibling are a teacher except my father. Maybe, this is because my father sibling are his stepsisters and brothers. That's why my father were given a speciality in the family. As his daughter, I got the wave a little bit :P hihi

Moving on with my mother's family. My mom is the 3 child from 9 siblings. My grandfather was in the military and passed away due to sickness. I still have my grandmother on my mom's side. She's currently doing nothing, just enjoying his golden lifetime with her children and grandchildren. I have lots of aunties and few uncles. We're more close to mom's side than my dad's side cause they live quite far from us.

Now, it's time for my parents. Shamsul Hasni is my father and he's a policemen in Terengganu right now. We live separately due to my fathers obligation for work. He's working as a policemen under the Heavy Crime team. He's an undercover agent that the squad sent in any raid. I'm proud with my father's work. Che Azamah is my mother. She's currently working as a supervisor in SMK RPS for hostel residence canteen. I don't know much about my dad's history but I know a little bit about my mom. She's an ex dancer for the Perak Royal dance group. She used to dance for the royalty and VIP's. She's also got involved with theatre and acting. She's really an artist back then. I'm very proud with what she did. Because of her involvement in the industry, my sister got the wave when one of my mom's friends back then is an theatre instructor at my sister's school. She's also in the industry right now. I'm not interested with all this.

I have 2 sisters and I brother. I'm the oldest. The second is Nur Syahidah and she's 17. Third, Nur Syahirah and she's 15. Lastly, my brother which is Muhammad Firdaus and he's 11. I'm not very close with them because we're more to doing our own business. We don't like to interfere in each other privacy. We respect each other and it's enough. Move on with my cousins. Of all my aunties, there's only 2 who got married and gave birth. Both of them gave birth to an only child. My first cousins is Tiara. She's a daughter of my mom's elder sister. She's the awesomest people in my life! She's everything to me. We grown up together. We like to do stuff together. We're inseparable and no one can break us apart. She knows everything about my little dirty secrets and so does hers! We even worked in the same building last year and now I'm bit disappointed cause she's not here anymore. She's working in Singapore and I don't have time to visit her. I missed her so much :'( Moving on with my second cousins which is Roshafiq whom my mom's younger sister son. He's crazy. He's obnoxious. But we have connection between us. Tiara, Roshafiq and I are the perfect trio. No matter where we go, we went together. What we do, we did together. I'm happy when I'm with them. Roshafiq is really interested in making films. He had made lots of dramas starring my younger sister and brother. I'm in charge as the camerawoman. I don't like being in front of the camera instead I'm more to behind the scene. He's really good until his school offered him to make a musical theatre. I'm proud with him. 

This is me

This is what I've been gifted with. I'm happy with what I have. I won't change a bit. You have to deal with it if you want to be around me. I'm not going to change at all. I'm friendly when you are. I'll treat you like how you treat me. It's all based on your action. You don't judge me by past since I didn't live there anymore. What I've been through are something you won't even understand. Try to talk to me and I'll make you understand every inch of it. I'm simple and this is the real me. Thank for reading :) Byebye

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