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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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My Moment ^.^
Hi and Hello my lovey dovey roly poly hushy lushy baby! How are you guys been doing lately? As for me, my days went very well! I'm so happy for the last few weeks. I couldn't say anything to express what I've been through.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went for a day out together. It has been a long time I didn't see him. Almost three weeks and when I got the chance to meet him, I'm so bless and happy at the same time :) Our date that weeks was amazing! Like we've planned, we went out to buy our raya clothes but we only manage to buy his full outfits. For me, none. Nothing caught my eyes that time. I'm very choosy and picky about this things. Sorry lou gong! :p Then last week, we went out for the search of my outfits and then again, nothing really caught my eyes. Duh! Why am I being like this? ~.~ He said never mind. That day, we went out for a day out like we always do. We really wants to catch the Spiderman movie but all the time shown were fully packed! All sold out! What a bummer right? Aish! Instead of it, we went to watch for Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter. I thought the movie will disappoint us but not at all. The movie teaches me that everyone should be treated the same and not by their skin colour. As like they said, the movie were only for above 18 cause there's a sense of Christianity in it. Never the less, the movie was very excellent! ^.^

Last week, I bought a few things while going out with him. Since we're in Ipoh Parade first, we walked around the mall and decided to went into Sasa. I was very lucky that day cause Sasa were having a big sale for their items. When I said 'SALE', I mean a very BIG SALE! I freeze for a while looking at their promotion. All the items were very cheap. Then, I realise something. All of my beauty product were running out of stock so it's best for me to restock all of them. This time I'm paying more attention on my face and skin tone. I bought tonnes of masks and eye masks! I was really happy cause I bought them. I used Sasa's product before and I trusted them. That's why I never hesitated to buy with them. Then, I bought another beauty product for enhancing my beauty. I spend almost rm300 only for my beauty product. I didn't feel it was a waste but it's an investment for my own good.

After that, we went upstairs and walk through the Hip Hop Arena. I saw these cute shirt and I asked his opinion. Little did I know, he actually wants me to wear that kind of shirt. He said I'll look very cute and pretty if I wear one. The shirt that I'm talking about is the one that most Chinese girl wore lately. It's a Hello Kitty printed baggy shirt. It was very cute and I just bought one. Then, to match the outfit I bought a spectacles without a glass with a design of Hello Kitty on it. He said I'll look very cute with both combination. I smiled and hope it's going to be what he dreamt.

I wore it last week when I went out with him. He said I look very cute and he really wants to hugged me tight. I smiled and hugged him in instant! ^.^ After watched the movie, we went to Gerbang Malam for a walk and window shopping. We love doing this kind of activities cause it gives us time to spend with each other a little bit longer. Suddenly, we passed a few bunch of hotstuff and my hubby heard something coming out from their mouth after they saw me. He said he heard they said 'Pergh! Cun gila!'. It didn't bother me that much but it's just him who care much. He said he really jealous when hearing them said that. I told him that it was them who should be jealous cause I'm his girlfriend and their actually compliment his girlfriend. He smiled, nodded and then grabbed me inside his arm. I was really happy spending my time with him :) Few minutes later, we went to McDonald Jalan Kuala Kangsar before head off. I thought I want to redeem my Sundae cone voucher as I promised to him during the weekdays. So, off we go. We bought 2 sets of Double Cheese burger with a large  coke. Good combination right? Yeah! I know :p We took some photos but I forgot to upload it. Later I'll upload and insert it inside this entry okay?

In conclusion, my weekends this two weeks were amazing and awesome! Honey, thank you for your time with me. I'm really happy. I really do. Before that, I want to thank you for treating me the baju raya. And also, thanks for my second baju raya that you want to buy for the both of us. You were planning for us to wear a couple baju raya this year. I know it's going to be a success. I trust my inner feelings. Sayang

This is the photo of me ^.^

This is my looks two weeks ago. Can you see that I'm wearing a contact lens? Well, I just bought this black Geo lens from 
I thank them for making my eyes look bigger than ever. This Geo lens is different form any other kind of lens. It help my eyes to look even bigger than the normal one. So, thank you! ^.^

This is the baggy shirt that I bought. Maybe you can't see it fully but you can imagine how it looks like right?
How was it? It's cute and pretty right? Yeah~ I know :p

Can you see my thick mascara? ~.~ Duh! Now only I realise my mascara was really thick that day.

My cute spectacles! ^.^

My hot red lips! It was my first time wearing a very daring red lips going out. Thanks for all the courage that you gave to me hubby :) I love you even more :* That's all peeps. Later~ Muah!

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