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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Make up Tutorial ^.^
Hello my flying creamy softy bubbly cheesy sheep friends! What are you guys been up to this week? Planning something fun for the whole week or just re-scheduling your hectic life? Well, anything that you're planning to do I just you wish you guys a good day! ^.^ I've been struck by total boredom and that's why I'm updating my blog. My entry for tonight is about make up tutorial.

My daily basis make up style mostly from tutorial available in Youtube. Usually I follow those gyaru make up tutorial or any inspired make up. I'm not a professional with this thing. Even though I've started using make up since I'm in form 4 but I'm still learning and not fit enough to be a role model for someone. But apparently, I've received a few request from my Facebook friend list and my Twitter followers to make a tutorial about make up. They're really inspired by my looks in the picture. I was really shocked and speechless since I know nothing about making a tutorial for people. 

Friends, I'll try to consider your proposal okay but I don't promise you anything cause I'm afraid I can't do it. Since I've received a very good response from my previous video that I've made for my hubby during our 1 year anniversary, I'll try my best to make this make up tutorial. But don't give me such a high hopes cause I might disappoint you. What ever it is, I'll try my best okay guys? :) Let's change the topic! :P

Okay, today I got my speaking test for my MUET examination! I was really nervous this morning until I got stomach ache because of it. I could actually feel butterflies flying in my stomach right then. But I tried to calm myself and think positive. I reached school at 7.15am and immediately went to the quarantine room. Before that, I wen to the canteen and buy some bread to fill my empty stomach. Actually, I'm not the type of people who eats breakfast. I usually eat when recess time only. After that, I went back to the quarantine room and try to speak with my friends. For me, I believe if I tried to read as many passages I could actually trained my tongue so that I won't get twisted by the words. It actually works! During my speaking test, I could actually speak fluently. The only thing that bothers me is the air-conditioner! The room was very cold! I can't stand it! >.< Never the less, I've did my best and the examiner whisper to me when I was about to go out from the room. She said to me 'A good one'. I hope it's something that's going to be a good luck! Pray for me guys!! >,< My hubby promised me if I get band 5 for my MUET, he'll bring me anywhere that I want to go. Dear, for sure I'm going to do the best! I want to go to Perth, Australia so badly! I'll do the best sayang! ^.^ And about our recent trip, we'll discuss about it when you come home this week okay sayang? :) I bet we're going to have a blast then! ^^ That's all honey boo! :* Muuahhh!
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