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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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First Ramadhan
Assalamualaikum and Hi my funky slow-moo-moo-ing humpty dumpty galaxy bouncer bunnies! How are your breaking fast today? I'm sure there must be a lot of different delicacies that your family bought. Enjoy your food but never waste it okay? It's not good my friends :) 

I just finished my breaking fast and I'm so full! Seriously, I feel like my stomach is about to burst in a minute. And my eyes starts closing down when my stomach has been full with food! Adess~ Luckily, I've perform my Maghrib. I just want to tell you guys about what happened this evening. Well, for your information my hubby is in IPOH right now! I'm so happy that I can celebrate my first fasting with him. Even though we didn't eventually break fast together but we went to bazaar Ramadan together. I'm satisfied and I'm very happy!

First, we went to the bazaar near my house. At reach, the place was very crowded! Seriously! It was fully packed with lots of people. But we still went there. Soon after we reached, I feel we're like husband and wife who's searching for breaking fast delicacies together. For me, it was very romantic. He bought everything that I want to eat. Sorry sayang, I wasted your money :p Then, he told me he's craving for cendol. That bazaar didn't sell any cendol. So, we're planning to go to the Labu bazaar. Off we go. This place was even worst than the first one. It was really packed! Not only by Muslims, the non Muslims too! Never mind. We're living in a multi-cultural country right? This is good. Then the search for the ultimate cendol begins! HAHAHA It didn't take much time until we found one but he refuse to buy it since it wasn't prepare with a truck. Like it or not, we have to deal with the crowd. Urgh! I hate being around a crowd ~.~ But for him, I tolerated. Even after few minutes walking along the stalls, we still didn't find any other cendol stalls so he had to go to the first stall he found. Then we head home. He bought an extra cendol for me! Thank you lou gong! 

In conclusion, I had a very terrific breaking fast moment. Thank you my hubby for blasting my Ramadan. I'm so happy when I'm with you. You know that I have lots of insecurities when I'm with you. Yeah~ I do admit that I'm afraid of losing you. Maybe it's all because of what you did before. You gave me so much of guarantee but I still can't believe it. But what you've said last night, make me realise that you really love me. You know that I really like to test my hubby a lot. And for goodness sake, you're really good in handling things. I love to switch off my phone when I'm sulking or mad at you. But you never give up. You kept on call ing me even though the operators pick up the call. I still remember the time where I switched off my phone for at least 30 minutes and when I on it again, I received an alert that tells me I have 116 missed calls from you. Don't have to add with the messages. I got tonnes from you asking me why I switched off my phone. If I didn't switch on, he'll call my ibu and my ibu will force me to switch on. Or even more daring, he'll come to my house instantly. 

Apart from that, I'm bonding with his mom right now. Last Saturday, his mom text me and I didn't expect that his mom approving our relationship. Thank you mother in law. It was such a cool experiences to texting with my mother in law. It was a little bit awkward but I like it :D I asked her whether she didn't like if I'm having a relationship with his son but she didn't think like that. She accepted me and bless our relationship. Thank you again aunty :) That's all people. Byeeee~~
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