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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Suddenly T.T
Hi my love coloured magical musically meowing penguin nomnoms! Good evening and what are you guys been doing today? Does anyone go out for a hangout with friends? Wah~ It must be fun and exciting right? ^.^ As for me, I only stay at home doing nothing cause I'm all alone today. My ibu went to work and my sisters and brother went out with my aunt. I don't like going out with them so I decided to stay at home. Well, it has been three weeks I didn't see my hubby! T.T I really missed him a lot. 

Distance really sets us apart but I know we're strong enough to conquer everything! ~.~ Never mind, I'll be waiting for you to come home sayang! ^.^ Like we've planned that day, next weekend you'll be back and we'll go out together! Shopping of course! We're going out for raya's shopping together! I'm very excited and so does he. Last night, we're already discussing about the theme and colours that we're going to choose. Awh~ I'm so excited! :O hihi 

Apart from that, I suddenly remember this thing that we did at Jaya Jusco capcom last few months. It was my first time doing it with a guy. I really want to do this thing. It's actually the photo booth at Capcom Jaya Jusco. I've done it with my bff's before and this time I want to do it with my boyfriend. At last I get what I want. We really did it. And the results are quite impressing! ^.^ At first it's a little bit awkward but after taking few photos, we're totally comfortable with it. During the editing part, we're like crazily edit the photos. It was really a fantastic moment for me ^.^ Thank you sayang for fulfilling my wish :) I love you! :* Here are the photo. I have a lots but this is just few from it :) Enjoy! ^.^

Sorry if the photos were a little bit blur cause I snap it with a phone camera only T.T
Since I got nothing to do today, so I took some photos and I would like to share it with you :) Sorry, if it doesn't suit your eye sight :p 

I took this soon I wake up this morning. I didn't have shower and I only apply my eye liner only. This is how I look like when I wake up ~.~

I snap this using my Sony's phone. I hadn't been using it for while and so I thought I just want to give it try. That was my ayah's sunglasses and it is bought during the 80's. Totally vintage right? :D haha

These are all my gedik faces while waiting for Maghrib's call. Hihi I'm bored and so this is the only thing I like to do :p hihi p/s: I'm wearing his Armani Exchange t-shirt that he gave to me! :D That's all for now. Toodles :*
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