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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Sports Day -,-
Hello my crying little baby bunnies! How are you guys feeling today? A little bit more better than yesterday is it? I hope it is cause we shouldn't be over thinking about what had happened to us. We should always look ahead what's coming in front of us :) I have two things I want to share today. The first thing is about what had happened today in school and another one is about my anniversary with him :D But the anniversary part I'm going to share in my second entry later on :)

Okay, today at my school we had the final event for 200m and 4*100m. I'm so horrified with it cause I'm not sure whether I can pull it off or not but I just wished for the best. My ibu sends me to school today and as I reached school I immediately went up to my class to put my bag and then went down again for the yassin recital. This morning I feel very calm and I recite without anything in my mind. I feel very peaceful. My heart and mind was at peace right then. After I finished, my friends asked me to join them to warm up at the field. I just go and left the ceremony which was Pn Ramlah's retirement ceremony. I don't know who she is but I wish for the best in her life :)

After warming up, I just wonder around cause the event starts at 10am and the clock was only at 8. I look at the guys which currently practising their high jump event. Then, suddenly this one Chinese boy approached me and asked me to teach him on how to jump smoothly. He asked for my help because I'm one of the SUKMA athlete. I said okay and I told him what was his mistakes. Actually, I've been watching him since awhile. He can jump high but due to some bad habit that he always do each time he jump, errors always occurred. Enough with that.

Later on, it was the time for my first event which was 200m. I was very nervous but I tried to conquer my feelings. It wasn't a good thing after all. When it was my time, I ran my heart out and just strive for the best. As a result, I manage to get the second place. I was very happy even though I didn't get first place. The first place goes to my lower 6 junior which is Sharmila. She's also one of the SUKMA athlete. And it's her main event. No wonder she wins. After that is my second event which was 4*100. Our group consist of 2 lower form junior, me and Sharmila. I have the feeling that we can win this thing. As I thought, we won. We manage to get the first place. Another big point for SATRIA's house! Our teacher was very proud of us! :D Yeay me! :D 

This Monday is our prize giving ceremony. I'm a bit nervous to come on stage cause I'm not good dealing with crowds. Never the less, I should be proud cause I'll be up there for something honourable right? :) Wish me luck okay ^^ By the way, I just got my mid year exams result. I'm improving in every subjects that I took. I was aiming to get in top ten but sadly I was one step below :( I got number 11 :( My ibu says, it's good and there's still a lot of time for improvement. I just know I have to do the best for my STPM. It's for my family's future, my boyfriend and my future together :) Pray the best for me okay? :) See you in my next entry gaizz ^^ Tata :*
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