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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Memories :'(
Hi my beloved cosmic creamy donuts koala bears! How are you guys been doing the past weekend? Having fun? If you do, then it's good :) I'm kinda bored today cause I don't have any homework to do :p Btw today, I got my sukantara for my house at school. I'm a Satrians which is a yellow house members. Well, it's kinda awkward for me cause I never entered any other kind of houses apart from green house. Never the less, I should accept it right? hihi Forget it! :D I entered 80metres run, 200metres, high jump, 4*100metres and 4*200metres. For today, I need to mark down 80m and high jump. 

Running isn't my main event in track & field. I'm more to high jump but I tried my best for the running part. As a result, I manage to get second place! Phew! It wasn't that bad right? :) After then, I went to high jump event. I was really excited to show my athletics skills :p And guess what?! I got first place for it! I was really happy cause I still can be proud with my atlethics talent. I used to be a high jumper back then in my school. I'm not a popular kid in high school but sports makes me be known by the others. Until now, there wasn't anyone who can beat my record which I've did in the year 2010. My personal record was 1.4m and I'm proud with it. 

I'm an active person back then and it's possible for me to get this tan skin colour. I don't mind what people would like to say with my skin colour as I don't care much about it. All I know is I'm proud with myself. I've been to the state level by representing Perak in Hexathlon competition which was been held in the year 2007. I was in form 2. I've been involved with 7 event which was high jump, long jump, shot put, 100m, 200m and 100m hurdles. I didn't do my best cause I've injured myself just before the competition starts. My knee nerves was detached. It's really pain each time I had to move my knees especially when I need to walk. But I tried my very best for my state. I was really happy having that memory in my mind. I still remember those moment when I went to training every morning and evening during my high school life. I met lots of people and they've become my family in instants. 

I'm blessed with all the experienced I've got. That's why I really don't mind if people are so judgemental about skin colour. I've done something for my state and are you? That's all. Bye :)
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