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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Isra' & Mikraj
Assalamualaikum and Hello my dolly molly inky pinky cotton candy clouds! How are you guys doing today? Fine? Well, before I forgot, I would like to wish you 'Selamat Hari Isra' Dan Mikraj'. I hope we will be bless in this special day :) My neighbourhood has been celebrating it with full of occasions. Since this morning until now, they've been doing so many thing at the surau. Alhamdullilah cause there still a lot of peoples who reminds of this special date. 
Photo for this special day :)

Today, I don't have anything to do and it's kinda boring like yesterday but I'm a bit happier than yesterday. Wanna know why? Well, my relationship with my hubby are kept getting stronger. Yesterday, there was this stupid creature who claims to know my hubby when they were in high school and he told me something that shocked me to my core. The guy address himself as 'Haqs'. His Facebook name was 'Haqs Ok' and he's using a footballer photo as his default picture. He told me that my hubby was a bad guy back then and asked me to keep my distance from him. Well, why should believe you? I didn't even know you and you might be someone who's trying to sabotage my relationship. This time I didn't snapped out easily. I text ed him and asked him the real story. As I expected, it was just a silly sabotage made by some bunch of immatures. 

Later on that day, I've been disturbed by this fellow who wants to be my boyfriend desperately. To be honest, I really don't want to entertain his IM but when he kept on posting this word 'Awk..agak2 ble kte blh couple?' in every status that I've posted, I have to stopped him! I asked what were his problem to bugged me and he said nothing. I ignored him but he keeps on sending stupid IM to me. And so, I went offline. End of story :D 

A part from that, I want you guys to give some reviews about my new songs selection in my blog. Well, these were the song cover made by this fantastic duo which was Tasha Manshahar and Syed Shamim. I've listen to their Mr Saxobeat cover back then and I was blown away! Tasha's voice was really amazing! She's awesome! Support our Malaysian talent okay?! :D For my blog, I picked the Love You Like A Love Song cover, Hati Ini cover and Be Mine cover. I chooses them because the lyrics were so romantic and the presentation of Tasha's voice were great! I dedicated these song to my hubby :) Happy listening baby ^.^

I don't know what else to say here but I just want to say that I miss him so much right now. I really wished he would be here right away. I want to see him so badly! >.< Dear, we've been through so many things during these days and I know we're both strong enough to handle anything that coming our way. I prayed to Allah so that HE would keep us together for the rest of our live. Each night, I listened to the songs that you dedicated for me. I cried. I really misses you. So much! Since Friday, I've been crying all day long until yesterday because you can't come back this weekend. You know how much I love you right? And I really can't live my life without looking at your face. Never the less, I have to endure another one week before you come back here! Dear days! Please be fast! >.< Can't really wait! That's all for today. Assalamualaikum and Byebye! ^.^
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