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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Fabulous Day With An Awesome Guy!
HI everyone and Assalamualaikum :) How are you guys? Well, I'm fine :) Today, I'm going to write about what happened to me yesterday and today! HEHE

Okay, yesterday I went out for a date with him! But early that morning we got into a fight and we nearly cancelled our date but thank GOD the plan stick ed. I was really nervous with the plan that I've set up for him. I was going to make a birthday surprise party for him. I picked Kahve cause the surrounding over there was just nice to bring up the mood. As soon we reached Jaya Jusco, I told him that I need to go to the toilet and I bet he's also going to do the same. After he went in to the gents, I immediately ran out from Jaya Jusco and went to Tesco to buy a cake. I choose a chocolate cake. The cake called 'Chocolate Bliss'. Bliss means happiness and that's why I picked it! :) This is how it looks like.
Simple right but still look nice :) After that, I went back to Jaya Jusco. I rushed to Kahve's restaurant and set a deal with all the staff there. I told that girl to bring out the cake soon after we finished the food. She nodded as a sign that she understand me and so I went back to the toilet. I saw him sitting on the bench waiting for me. He was really shocked seeing me coming from the opposite direction. He said 'Pegi mana? Bukan tandas kat situ ke?'. I lied and I told him 'Mummy pegi tandas yang kat belah sana. Tandas sini penuh gila kot. Tak caye pegi tengok'. He just listen to it and didn't care much. Lucky me! :D Earlier that day, I told him that I already reserved the restaurant and book the cake but because of our lateness, the cake was cancelled as we didn't managed to pick it up on time. (Another one lie! :p Sorry sayang) And the restaurant reservation has been postponed until 4pm. We went to the cinema and look for a ticket to catch some movie. He picked to watch Piranha 3DD and I just agreed cause he's the boss for that day. We just walked around until the clock strikes 4. We went there and choose the table. Then, we ordered. When the food came, we ate it silently. I was facing the kitchen crew area and this ease me cause I can communicate with them easily. After he finished his food, I told him that I'm really sorry about the cake and the present. I lied to him by saying I left the present at home. His reaction changed and a few minutes later after I cued, the kitchen crew came and bring the cake. He was really shocked about the presence of the cake. He never thought it's going to be just like what he expected. And then, I handed him his present. Again. He's shocked. He cut the cake and I wished him happy birthday. I really hope he likes everything that I did. Here's a some of the pictures that I manage to take among the chaotic moments :p
Here he is! The birthday boy! Happy Birthday sayang! I hope this is the most unforgettable event that ever happened in your life. I'm very lucky to have this opportunity to celebrate your birthday and makes you happy. Sayang, I love you so much and I'm not going to hurt you like how your ex did. I appreciate every moment that you've spent with me. I know you've done so much for me and I thank you for all that. This is nothing to be compared with all those thing that you've did for me. Thank you sayang, Thank you so much :) 
I bought this watch for him. Nice and simple right? Thank you, HIHI. He said he really loves the watch that I gave to him. He said it looks very elegant and stylish. It suits his executive style :) And , can you guys see those scars on his hand? Well, that the one that I told you in my previous entry. He stabbed with hand with a broken piece of glass cause he felt guilty of what he had done to me. I feel very sorry each time I looked at those scars. I'm sorry sayang, you really don't have to that to prove to me how much you love me :( I just know you do.

After that, we went for the movie and soon after the movie end we went to OldTown to have some dinner. Here is the picture. I'm a bit tired and sleepy. That's why I didn't write much. I'll continue tomorrow about today's date. Bye

I love you MUHD ASHRAF <3 To be continued..
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