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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Another Trip? :/
Hi my tasty nasty nylon nutella nekos! Good morning! I think no one's going to read my entry right now since everybody has already dozing off :p But I don't mind, you guys can still read it tomorrow morning right. I wish you guys a very nice sweet dreams and may you wake up with a beautiful smile on your face next morning :)

My entry for this very early day is about what had happened just now! Just now, my hubby and I was texting like we always do and suddenly he asked me to check in the Internet how much would it cost for a trip to Japan, Yogyakarta and Guangzhou. It's a little bit weird cause the topic suddenly pops up. But I didn't care much and I just do what he asked. I checked and I told him how much the fares cost for both ways flight tickets. All of it cost thousands of ringgit and it's not including the hotel rate and expenses while he'll be there. Since I'm very curious with the topic, so I asked him why suddenly asked?Are you going for a trip with your family. His answer shocked me! He said he wants to bring me there! For a holiday trip together! Wow! I was very excited but I'm not forcing him to bring me along. It's his choice whether to bring me there or not.

After that, he asked me to check how much would it cost if we go to Korea. Okay, it's not cheap! For the flight ticket only, it cost rm6646.00 for two people! That's a lot okay! And Korea's stuff isn't cheap at all. Yeah you can bargain but they only give discount for someone who can fluently speak in Korean and has Korea's nationality. So, we cancelled the idea ~.~ I'm not fancying to go places like that. I still can accept Japan but not Korea. I love places with lots of romantic places. For example, Bali. 

I always want to go there. I saw the scenery in Full House drama which starred by Bi Rain and Song Hye Kyo. Bali has so much places to go to. He asked me where I wish to go and I told him that. He seems to be interested and currently planning about all the expenses over there. Note: This is just a plan. Whether it work out or not, I leave it to Allah :) That's all. Bye :)
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