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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Hello lovelies! How are you guys? Hope you're in the best of health okay? I'll always pray for my followers health :) Amin. Today's entry is kinda boring for you to read so it's up to you to continue reading it or not. 

Today is my History paper 2 exam. As usual, I never study at home cause I didn't believe I can memorised all the things that I study a day before the exam. Soon after I reached school, I immediately went up to my class and make a group discussion with my friend. We only manage to make it into two of us cause we think too many people won't bring anything to us. So, we studied and studied. But then, I paused for a while and I think I don't have any goals about what's coming out in the paper. I went to Paramjit and asked her what topic will be coming out. She only said that 'Hukum Adat' would be coming out. So, I went back to my place and opened my book and study that particular topic. We got two types of History that we need to cover. First is the Sejarah Malaysia and the other one is the Sejarah Asia. Both of these subject contain the exact topic. I'm too confused and so I read both of them. Then, I try to read about the 'Campur Tangan Inggeris Di Asia Tenggara'. 

The exam starts at 8.45am until 11.45am. As soon the teacher delivered the paper question, I could hear sounds of frustration from my friend. When the question paper landed on my table, I immediately look at it. I was so shocked! All of the question there hits my target! Everything that I read earlier came out! I was so happy and feels very confident to answer the questions! The teacher only provide us with two piece of test pad paper but because I have so many idea to answer, I asked for another 4 piece of extra paper. All together was 6 piece of paper. I don't know whether what I wrote were all correct but I hope I'll pass and I leave it to the God to judge. Finger cross :) That's all for now.

Goodbye. Toodles. Bye-yeom :)

I love you Muhd Ashraf! :*
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