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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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I love you my one and only Muhammad Ashraf ♥
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He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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Heaven Treat
Hello everyone! Good morning! Happy Teacher's Day! :D I'm not going to school today because there would be a celebration of this event and for me I think it's wasting my time. They said this is just a small event and there would be another event a day before the semester's break. So, no need to attend today right? It's better for me to study at home for tomorrow's paper which is History and Economy. Wish me luck guys! :D Oh I forgot to asked, how are you guys been doing lately? Happy? Sad? Well, I just wish the best for you okay :)

Today's story is about my date last week. We were at Padang Polo around 5.30pm. While waiting , he bought for me a bowl of Ipoh's laksa and a cup of fresh orange. We had our romantic high-tea there even though the environment wasn't appropriate at all. Nevertheless, I had so much fun cause while we walked around the lake there, he cracked some jokes and we laughed so hard about it. Then. around 6.30pm we went to another place which was the Kedai Satu Malaysia. He wants to buy the groceries for his house at Tapah. While we were shopping, everyone were looking at us and they think we're a married couple. Shopping groceries items with him was so much fun! :D After that, we bought an ice-blended as he was craving for one. Later, he send me back home. I was so upset cause our date was very short and I didn't have the satisfaction at all. I made some sulking faces and then he calmed me by saying that if there isn't anything happen that night, we'll go out. I just smiled and satisfied with his idea.

I thought he was only playing around but around 9.30pm, he was already in front of my house. We went out just to take some breath in and touring around Taman Meru and Taman Jati. I was really satisfied cause I had the chance to be with him a little bit longer that day. It gave me so much of encouragement to answer my paper exam the day after. Then, he bought a really nice and awesome burgers and we ate it in front of my house. That burger was damn nice! Seriously! We chit-chat for a while and around 11pm he went home. Before that, he gave a few advice for my exams and wish me luck. I was really touched when he kissed my forehead and my hands. Then he said he was really reluctant to leave. I was about to shed some tears but I hold on to it. I kissed his hand and asked him to pray for my exams. The moment was really romantic to me. It's like we were married couple. Then, he went back. 

Guys, we were planning to get married soon after I finished my STPM. He has started saving some money from now. His brother kept on insisting us to get married soon and we did think about it. I know we're still young but in Islam it's encourage for a couple to get married as soon as possible to avoid slandering. And I did thought about 'Nikah Gantung'. I approached him with this idea and he was glad. Whatever it is, the plan is still a plan. We are passionate about it. I hope you guys would pray for our longevity and happiness together. He has made me want no other. Even though there are a few of stupid bitches that thinks he only wants my body and let go my pride and just fooled, I guess they were all wrong. They don't now the real story behind it and starts to be so judgemental about this things. I guess they're just jealous of us right? Mwahaha Never mind then, I won't take it to the heart since this kids are immature and still underage. 

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. You make me so special when I'm with you. You treat me like a princess and this proofs that you've been taught by a queen :) I love you my sayang. I still remember those words you told me last night when we're on the phone. Doo doo bii, you're my everything, you're my best friend when I need someone to talk to, you're my boyfriend when I need a shoulder to cry on, you're my soul mate when I need an advice and so you're simply the best for me. Thank you for all your love, I really appreciate it. I'll cherished your life with my love, care and tenderness. I may not be the best you had but I promise I'll the greatest you owned! I love you Muhd Ashraf  ^3^
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