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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Exam Gave Such A Headache!

Hey everybody! What are you guys been doing today? I'm kinda bored and feels like writing this entry. Today, I'm not going to talk about my boyfriend but instead I'm going to write about my exam which is happening right now. This photo shown above got nothing to do with my entry, I just upload it to bring up some umph! in this entry. Actually this photo was taken during my raya last year. I guessed it was on the second day of raya. Enough of that, let us begin our story.

This week is my exam week and I'm so scared each time I think about it. I feels like butterflies flying in my stomach. On Monday, I got my General Studies paper 1 and 2. Day before that I didn't study at all but thank god I still manage to answer all the question very well with full of confidence! I hope I'll score on that subject. The day after that was my Bahasa Malaysia's paper 1 and 2. Yet, I still didn't study much but managed to answered all the question confidently. I didn't come to school on Wednesday because there's no exam held on that day. In fact, the teachers won't be entering the class as they were so busy invigilating the form 5 examination. I just took my own day leave and study at home as I got major paper exam on Thursday which is Economy! Yes! Among of all the papers exam, this subject gave me goosebumps each time I think about it. I tried to study but failed as there's so many temptation at home. With all kinds of media, Internet and social networks. 

I came to school on Thursday which is today. As soon as I arrived at school, I went up to my class and start to revise about the subject. I do it with my friend Anjanneth and we look like a mess the whole day cause we're so worried with the upcoming paper. Even though the exams starts at 10.45am but around 7.30am already we could feel the heat! We studied and studied and studied until the clock strikes 10am. We went down to buy some foods and ate it in the class. Then, the exams starts and I feel very scared and nervous at the same time. Once I opened the question paper, I feel relieved as the question was okay and I think I can answer it. So does for the short essays and long essays section. Never the less, I leave it to God to judge everything. I hope my hard work would pay off as this exam is very important to me.Wish me luck for my History paper tomorrow okay? Thanks guys :* Much love! Toodles! Bye-yeom! 

I love you my doo doo bii Muhd Ashraf!
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