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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Syama ♥ Ashraf

I love you my one and only Muhammad Ashraf ♥
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Look at those eyes that winking, I just love it when he does that. Makes me melt~ ♥
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He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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Hello again guys! ^^ How are you guys been doing tonight and what you've planned to do since it's Friday night! You're supposed to partying all night and party like a rock star :D HAHA But my Friday night wasn't like that :) My boyfriend always remind me to recite Yassin every Friday night and I do that every week. It has become a habit that I practically do.

This is why I really love him so much. He guided when I was really lost and clueless about religious. It's not that I didn't know anything but since I was in Tarcisian, my life habits are more to western life. And so, he's trying to changed me back to Islamic ways. Well, not everything we need to change instantly. Let us changed slowly and intentionally sincere. If you do it without your heart being sincere to it, then everything is just a waste.

Thanks sayang, thanks for everything. Since you came into my life, it changed a lot. When I say a lot, I really mean it. The reason why I love you so much is the reaction when I get each time I met you. I really love looking at those faces that you make when we see me. Each and every time, I got the same reaction. And I'm melting when seeing those faces of yours. Seriously dear, I really do love you. I love you so so much. Everyday after I finished my solat, I'll make sure I would do a solat hajat. Firstly, I always asked for forgiveness from the Above, secondly, I'll asked for my family well-being and then I would definitely asking about you. I pray to God and asked Him to keep up together. I want 'us' to be forever and if I can't have you in this life, I want you in the next. That's all.

I know that you love me. And I'm not being so full of myself. People might not know what you feel because you're not the type of person who easily express their feeling on the net. I know you too well and that's why I'm brave enough to say this. I hope you'll keep your promises when you said you love me and you will never leave. I believe you and I believe you're my missing puzzle piece that I need. I love you sayang, Muhd Ashraf <3

That's all guys, till then Byeyeom! (ways of Hyuna say byebye) HIHI
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