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Taiping Trip
Hello you guys!! ^^ How you guys have been doing lately? I hope you have the most terrific day ahead of you. Well, today's entry is about my trip to Taiping yesterday. It wasn't a trip actually, I was suppose to go there for a photo shoot. But because of I'm dealing with such unreliable photographer, I cancelled the photo shoot. I waited for almost 3 hours but he never showed up. Only then around 5pm, he showed up without feeling sorry about being so late. I hate this type person. And I've mentioned on Twitter that I really hate waiting. Forget about this matter. I want to story about something else.

When we were waiting for him to come, we chill at Taiping Lake Garden for a while. And, I was really amazed by the landscape they had. The place was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed the scenery cause I feel calm when chilling around there with him. Feels so amazingly romantic and it's like the time has just stopped for us. (exxagerate) But then, I feel bored because nothing much that we can do over there. So, we went to Taiping Sentral Mall.

 I thought the mall would be the same like Jaya Jusco but I was totally wronged. The place wasn't big enough and I could tell you that I can travel around the mall for only 15 minutes. After that, I would  be bored to death. And like seriously, it happened. We tour all round the mall and they got nothing to attract tourist like us. Their speciality was more on the sales. Taiping Sentral Mall was not a very fun place for you to hang out but I could guarantee you, it's the best place to shop! It's the best place for those big spenders and who like discounts and cheap stuff! They sold pretty dresses with an affordable price. Sadly, I didn't bring enough money to buy any dress. But wait until the end of this month, I'll go there with him and shop like crazy! :D 

We shared ice-cream and a brand new flavor of McD's McFlurry. The taste was superbly amazing. We sat on the bench provided. We talked, chit-chat, crack a joke, giggles and so many more. Even though we didn't do much but we still enjoyed our journey. Then, we set back to Ipoh around 5pm but then we went straight to Jaya Jusco to catch some movies. For your information, we are the 'movieholic couple' ever. Each weekends, it's a must for us to go for a movie night together. We choosed to watch Battleship even though the cinema was fully packed. We got the second line in front of the screen -,- Overall, the movie was really amazing! You guys should watch it! :D The duration of the movie took for almost 3 hours and 10 minutes. The movie starts at 9.30pm and ended at 11.40pm. 

Dear, thank you so much for yesterday trip. I really enjoyed every single moment that we had even though the plan didn't work out. Thanks for bringing me there and showed to me all the beauty of Taiping. I really really had my time yesterday. And now, I'm really certain that you are my destiny. You were my everything all this while and I will always love you no matter what happened. I'm touched with your words when you always asked this question to me 'Mummy, bila kita nak kawen ni?'. I really liked when you said that to me. Wait for me ya sayang :) We'll get married when the right time has come. Apart from that, I love you so much and I miss you. See you later sayang ^^ 

Byeyeom and do take care. One love! :)
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